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Cervical Cancer

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Hello I am 32 years old and have been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b1. The doctors initially advised me that I would be able to have a hysterectomy but when they went in they noticed that the cancer had spread to my lymph node and Fallopian tube I. They removed both. So they advisewoke that they wouldn't be able to do the hysterectomy and I would have to start 5 weeks of chemo and radiation. Chemo is once a week and radiation is 5 days a week. I also will have to have 4 sections of internal radiation. I am on week 2 of chemo and radiation and I feel sick to my stomach all the time and also have lost 10 pounds in 2 and half weeks. My weight is down to 115lbs. Week one I struggled with struggled with eating. Week 2 my eating has gotten a little better. They said my white blood cells have dropped and if they drop to 10 the doctors will be highly concerned. I am already starting to hate this and it's just the beginning. I also have constipation and diarrhea all the time. My hair is starting to thin out a little and the nausea is every single day. 

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Sonyhey, while everyone reacts differently to treatment, I think the women here will help you.  It sounds like they are hitting you pretty hard and the things you are saying sound like side effects many of us here have experienced.  Let's break it down.

Anti-nausea drugs - see what the doctors can do to help you out there.  There are pretty good drugs so hopefully that can minimize that. If you can keep food down, try littler meals throughout the day and protein will help with your counts.  Low counts will delay treatments and / or could cause a 'booster' shot to help your numbers.

I had had NO IDEA that chemo constipates until the chemo nurse told me.  I should have bought stock in Miralax!  I heard one woman say "Miralax is a miracle" which was about right.  Of course radiation can cause diarhea - some days you just can't win, and I took probiotics to help keep my intestines happy. 

If possible, see if there is a dietician who specializes in helping cancer patients to talk with.  It wasn't covered in my insurance but it wasn't that much and so worth it. 

I know the othere women on this board are going to chime in with help. 

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Welcome to the site.  Sorry you have to be here though.  I think chemo and radiation at the same time would be tough.   Sory you are having trouble eating.  Eating small frequent meals should keep you from losing weight.  They mat give you Neulasta or Neupogen shots for your low white blood cell counts.   I hope the rest of your treatments are easier for you.  In peace and caring.  

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