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New Developements

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Hello everyone, i saw my surgeon last week and he said the surgery had nothing to do with my neck problem.I did buy an obus form pillow and that seems to be helping.  I have developed some new symptoms and i'm being sent for an MRI of the brain. When i was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2010, it was because of a series of events.

I had developed vertigo because the crystals in my ear had jumped out of place. I was walking like a drunken sailor...lol Was sent to a specialist and while checking me out he asked if i had reflux. I told him ..yes i had been on pills for yrs. Apparentely my throat was quite inflamed and he told me to get a scope done and that is why i was diagnosed so early. By the way i was stage I not 2 as was said in my earlier posting.

About a month ago the vertigo came back and now they feel i need an MRI scan for my brain as vertigo and tumors go hand in hand. I was doing so well and still am..keeping a positive attitude about this.  Where i live i was one of a few to have this surgery in my city...before that it was done in a larger city about 5 hrs away. I'm on an American Support site because the Cancer Society in Canada doesn't have a support group for Esophageal cancer.

I find your site informatve and everyone is so friendly and helpful..and i thank you for letting me vent and read your stories. I realize how lucky i have been through this horrible journey wehave all been on.


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