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Rec'd Mail in ref: to reconstruction from employer yesterday

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I have our health coverage through my job but oddly we got info in the mail yesterday from my husband's job-obviously just mailed to everyone.

Anyhow it stated that "ALL" reconstruction or surgery to make semmetrical (not sure of exact wording) is coverage by health coverage!

I would assume in past it has not been? MY surgeon after my 2nd lumpectomy (same side) suggested removing FAT from one area to even up surgery side-said covered my most insurance plans>


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For some time now insurance companies that cover mastectomy must also cover reconstruction. I don't know about lumpectomy since most people don't have any reconstruction after that. I would imagine if the procedure had to be repeated or an exceptionally large portion was removed, it would be a different story since any reasonable person wouldn't consider a "fix" to be cosmetic. It may depend on how your doctor words the diagnosis and explains the procedure he/she is recommending. The insurance company might reject it if they think it isn't necessary but even if they do, you could fight it and probably win.

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Here is a great website explaining to all breast cancer patients what should be covered according to this law passed in 1998.



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Thanks for the replies\



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