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Lynn Smith
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I've never has a MRI.Not that I can remember.Just X rays and since dx with BC i've had my final X ray.Tired of the doctors telling me over and over "You get more radiation with the sun". Sorta put back by what they say and would they do it to their family member with cancer or to themselves.

I need a hip X ray after a injury.Put it off because the first thing I get from the doctors is sending me to the X ray dept.  I want a cholce for my body.I've had many mistakes done by doctors.Lucky to be alive. If there's something else I want it. 

My other situation that hurts:::

I'm the one whose friend is always wondering IS YOUR CANCER BACK.Mainly since I lost weight,Also said this after I told her I can't gain my weight back"She said when is your next mammo".As if to think the cancer is back.This is bothersome(2 times she makes this suggestion).BUT not only this problem another a few days ago. Husband and I went out to dinner with my sister-in-law.She and I talked. We were talking about cancer.She looked me straight in the eye and said"Anyone dx can be assured that  likely it will come  back and what they will die from.It has upset me.I'm sure we always will wonder but to have someone look you in the eye and tell you this.Well we were supposed to go out and eat again last night but I couldn't.I guess I should've said"my mom was a 60 year survivor but kept my mouth shut.When Will we see each other again "I don't know. "    

Well after the rant can anyone tell me about the MRI's.I prefer it to be as simple as can be.I've read no radiation.Now ticked because for every little thing in the last 4 years they've X rayed me.

Lynn Smith      

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Your friend that keeps asking you if your cancer is back is no friend.  Drop her.  As for your sister-in-law  suggest that she read up on some statistics that 70% never have a recurrence.  Until she educates herself perhaps you can just tell her that is a subject that is off limits.

MRI's are not bad if your not claustophobic.  They do put you down a tube, I ask for a cloth to be put on my eyes and do keep them closed while in the tube.  Though they give me music to listen to, the noise is so loud, I rarely hear it.  I just take myself out of the tube and think of myself laying on a beach with the sound being the rough surfs.  I know this doesn't work for everyone.  I do think they might have newer models which are not tubes.

I had a lot of x-ray, ct scan and many other types of scans for cancer and for other conditions.  I never worry about radiation and I'm still here.



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Your sis-in-law reminds me of my first onco.  She retired, and I now have the sweetest ever 40 something y/o onco.  Maybe you need a new s-i-l...lol   That first DR told me the path my cancer would take. She said first thyroid, lung or both, then bone, brain and death.  That was my introduction to her office.  No one knows for sure what will happen, but I'm not dwelling on the "path" she described to me.  You shouldn't pay attention to the friend or relative either.  Have your MRI and be well.  Hugs, Linda

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Thank You Both for such good advise.I have to admit I've thought real hard on the friend and sister-in-law but if I get upset you never know I'm around.BORING and just what I think I will be if I see them again.I haven't even told my husband yet.It sensitive to me and very hurtful.

Sirod-Good info about the MRI.WOW they sound worse than I thought but just maybe like you said things are better.

Linda-WOW you did have a lousy doctor.Yes I sure would quit her.And were you bold to tell her what you thought of her.I  would. I've had some lousy doctors  I've left a few but only one I left I wish I would've stayed.The others didn't bother me though.Someday if ever needed I probably will call the office.It was a hasty decision then but the other doctors had more than one chance to change. Most don't. And those I did quit made some bad choices on my medical treatment.Cost me extra pain and health problems.Never listened when I said something wasn't right.When I kept complaining one doctor said I needed to be in a physco ward. No what I needed for him to give me the right meds to clear up my bladder infection.Fever for a month.

Lynn Smith

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MRI's are no big deal at all. There is a limited amount of space so if you are overweight, it can be a tight fit. Take earplugs. I've had probably 20 MRI's over the years and they always offer earplugs to me. The device is like half of a big doughnut, just wide enough for an exam table to slide into. They give you a button to push if you  are having a problem. Also they have a microphone just above you so they can talk to you. The magnet moves from one side, up over you to the other side. Sometimes it stops, only to start again in a few minutes. Just be patient. It makes a racket, bang-bang-banging when it is moving so that's why the earplugs help. The whole exam can take an hour but is usually less, depending on how much of your body they are looking at. (Your body shows up on their screens as the MRI progresses as a series of very thin slices.) Sometimes they do the MRI with contrast. Through an IV put in prior to the MRI, they will put a harmless dye that will gravitate to certain areas. The technician will tell you when they are injecting the dye. It isn't unpleasant at all - no pain whatsoever - but you are likely to feel like you have just "peed your pants." You haven't. It's a normal and fascinating response. A similar bizarre response occurs after surgery if you still have an IV in. The nurse will come in periodically during the day to "flush" your IV line. They put in about 10cc's of normal saline to keep the IV running smoothly. You will have a funny taste in your mouth or smell something like alcohol about half way through it. Only lasts a few seconds. The saline doesn't have alcohol, doesn't smell like it and does not travel to your mouth or nose...but you will notice the phenomenon. it's just one of those odd reactions like feeling really warm between your legs when contrast dye is injected during an MRI. So you see it's really easy to get an MRI. Just put in your earplugs, lay quietly and daydream.

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