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One week post op and finally coming up for air

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After  a week of pain, discomfort and pain meds it's nice the fog is lifting.  I'm just taking Tylenol in the daytime and heavier drugs at bedtime.  The incision isn't bad but the drains hurt whenever I move my arms.

Anyone have any suggestions to help?

Praise God the path reports all came back clear.  You can't see me, but I'm dancing about these results.

In a couple of weeks they should start the saline injections.  It's been a very long time since I've seen my chest develop.  This should be different.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.



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Welcome back and glad to hear you're doing well.  So, you didn't have the reconstruction surgery, just bilateral for now.  I had the works in one long day.  Those darn drains are horrible.  I wish I had some advice, but it just takes time.  Some people have posted to use lots of pillows, which may help.  I'm thrilled to read your pathology reports came back clearSmile  Big relief for you.  Take lots of naps and be a good patient for now.  Time goes quickly.  Hugs, Linda

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They did put in the expanders, but for now they are just empty square shaped objects on my chest.  I feel a bit like a Leggo toy.  Surgery was long.  I went in at 12:30 and got out a bit after 6:30.  My guess is the doctors finished because it was time to eat and the kitchen closed at 7.


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Glad you're doing all right.

You made me laugh -- twice.  First, about how long it's been since you've watched your chest develop and the above post about the doctors needing to grab dinner before the kitchen closed.

If you're this sharp and witty one week from surgery, imagine how great you're gonna be a month from now:)

Take care,


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oversizded tops - along with keeping many safety pins on hand to hand those tubes/drains.  Be so careful not to pull on those pesky drains - OUCH! Pulled my drains while changing clothes Yell   I can still mustard the pain in my mind --  OUCH!

Please note that the more you move your arms - perform arm exercises to increase mobility --  your drains may fill up very quickly...  do not be alarmed - keep trak of all out put of fluids.

Ask your Plastic Surgeon about pain control when you go in for 'fill ups'!  What helped me was placing frozen peas on each breast (after each fill) for 5 minutes every hour --  to help with breast inflammation.

Keeping you in good thoughts, and prayers.

Vicki Sam



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I am so happy the reports came back good...

I have no advice...just wanted to tell you happy to hear of good news..


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Are your drains being supported? If they just hang, it pulls on your skin where each drain is stiched in. Sometimes the drain tubing is so long that even though the drains themselves are safely tucked away in a little pouch attached to your bra, the tubing can get caught. I sat on one of mine and then made the mistake of trying to scoot over on the bed....OUCH...I was sure I had pulled it out or broken the stitch, but no. Just irritated an already sore spot even more.

Also make sure when you are emptying the drains that you hold on to the tubing close to the stitich so there can be no pulling on your skin.

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