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I am ready to put together an order of T-shirts 100 minimun. I figure that person sholp have at least 3, 1 for the morning, i for the waterpark or amusement park and 1 for evening ware. so that we are recognizable at all times.

I figure with individual delivery we are looking at about 13 dollars per shirt.

The following design has received good feedback.


My wife suggests adding between Ohio and 2004 on the back: Aug: 13-16.

Please answer the following questions.

1. Design per link:  Yes or no?

2. Do you like my wifes change: Yes or no?

3. Do you want to change the T-shirt:---Yes or no and if Yes how?

4. When the Order circulates about how many T-shirts do you thnk you will buy for you and the family?


If I can get these questions answered in about a week and then get orders and payments in another 3 weeks and then order the T-shirts, receive them  2 weeks later and ship them out to each of you individually: they could arrive in time to be under the Christmas Tree or Chanuka Bush.


I am in the process of going back and forth with Kahlahari on Conract details and how to satisfy their requirement that we guarantee at least 12 rooms per night to get the group rate which is about $60 per noght under the rack rate. The group rate will be $169 per room and 4 waterpark passes for Thursday and Friday night and $189 for Saturday night. Added to each room night is an $11.95 resort fee and an 11% room tax.



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1. Yes.

2. Yes, but assume you meant 2014, not 2004...

3. No.

4. 8


-Neil (NanoSecond)

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1.  Yes

2.  Yes

3.  No

4.  Not sure yet, but I know for sure I want 1, even if I can't be there.

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4--just one

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Here is the updated t-shirt design. I would like to send each of you an Order Form by email.


Once I get 100 t-shirts the Order will be send in. I have about 35 spoken for between my family, NanoSecond and CementMan who is a 20 year survivor and will be joining soon. Cement Man does the necessary Cement work for the Iceman. Please send me your e-mail address so that I can send you the Order Form. Mine is garbor@sbcglobal.net

As for Kalaharie we are going back and forth with contract details. Once I receive a final form I will email that as well. So far we are looking at a discount of about $60 per night per room from their rack rate. Our costs without fees and taxes will be $169 per night per room for up to 4 people for Wednesday and Thursday night and $20 more for Friday night.




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I emailed T-shirt order forms to 11 of you whose e-mails I had. If anybody would like to order their t-shirs now, please -email me with your email address. My email is garbor@sbcglobal.net




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Proud of the T-shirt program!! Way to go!


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