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In this web site, I don't understand what happened, I noticed what once used to be a very supportive site, with a lot of traffic has dwindled down to a scase few. This was the first support cancer forum I joined when I was dx. back in 09, posted quite a few posts here, only to recieve one or two responses, and sometimes none at all. If this has happened to others here, I can see why it is as it is now. Most have probably moved on to a different web site, or better yet....... no longer have a need anymore! Or are now cancer free! (wouldn't that be great)But there are still those of us who do.


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    Just guessing

    I suspect that a lot of people who don't check in here very often are on Inspire, which has much higher traffic, and then they forget to look back here. The traffic never was very high here when I joined, but it definitely seems less so now. Not everything is worth reading on that "other" site, but the odds of getting a fast response are much higher.

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    XRR hit it right on

    as usual.  Your voice would be welcome here.  please come back and spend more time with us.  As a 4+ yr survivor you have much to share.