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Atlas hit with a vengence

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Atlas definately smacked us with a vengence.  We have been without power since about 2 pm MT Fri afternoon and they do not an estimation of when we will get it back - could be several days. Out of State line crews are on the way here but most of the roads are still closed/impassible.  At 9 the state is dispatching their plows to open I 90 which is closed/blocked from the WY line to exit 192 (Murdo, SD).

My cell and my tablet both 'died' on Fri so have had no communication with the world.  Hubby was hunkered down at the shop and as soon as they got the OK to put the tow trucks on the road he came out here to check on me.  The closest he could get was between a 1/4 and a1/2 mile away on the other side of the RR tracks through and over drift up to 15'.  He brought me a car jump box so I can charge my cell off of it.

If you have seen pictures on the weather channel or elsewhere of the trees down everywhere - it is pretty much that way everywhere. The most recent estimation of tree damage is 25% totally damaged/killed, 25% heavy damage, 25% light damage and 25% basically no damage.

This morning is a beautiful sunny day, no wind and its supposed to get up to the mid 50's today so fast melting but that brings on the potential for flooding.  In a couple hrs I'm going to bundle up and try to go for a walk to better see the damage (and get pictures) than I can looking out windows.

Hope all who have been in Atlas path, are being hammered by him now and are waiting for his arrival come through it safe.  

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I live in Wisconsin and just want to say we are thinking of you. My family has a good friend in that area and have not yet heard from her but assume like you she is out of power. Enjoy the sunshine!

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Sorry to hear of all the damage, but glad to know that you are OK.  What a freak of a storm! xoxoxo Lynn


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I am so sorry to hear this.  Stay safe and let us know how you are doing.   Sending hugs and prayers.

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how are you holding up?  horses?  family?  Keep safe, and protected to the best of your ability.


Vicki Sam

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Me and mine all survived.  

Lost power at the house  about 2pm on Friday - power back on sometime between 2 pm and 7 pm on Tuesday.  There re still some who have no power today.

Thankfully Atlas dumped his rath on WY and W SD and then 'died'.  No 'big' city could have handled  it.   Atlas was a record storm - snowfall = Lead - 55", Deadwood - 48', here it was probably 31".

The horrendous part of Atlas is what it did to livestock (which national news is ignoring).   Probably 40% - 60% of cow/ calf pairs have been lost, 50% steers.  Yesterday according to what I hear.   One friend said her brother had found no 

found no live cow/calf.  2nd/3rd hand I heard of an entire broodmare/foal band lost.   


But of course we're just So Dak.  



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Oh no. I had no idea it was that bad. So glad you and your family are fine. How awful about the animals.

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