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help needed

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Hi All,

About two weeks ago I noticed some pain in my left testicle and left groin.

I went to the DRs and they did not find any lumps. I have an ultrasound this week. I did notice the pain is worse when wearing jeans.


i did a self examination and there is a little lump that is not attached to the testicle that if squeezed hurts all the way through my groin and stomach. Touching the testicle does not cause pain. The pain is random usually a sharp hit then a dull ache.

The DR says its nothing but should I be worried? 

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is the dr an urologist?

because sometimes even the urologist miss these things, please get that ultrasound and if you happen to have a mass it could be a tumor and 95% cancer

the good thing is that testicular cancer has a high survival/treat rate , about 97 %

so all i can tell you is , have it checked out and proceed from there.

i went thru the same, pain in my right testicle, after 2-3 months i started feeling a lump, went for an ultrasound and they foud a malignant tumor.

long story short... i went thru an orchiectomy, port, chemo and am back aalmost 100% working and enjoying life as much as i can.

i wish you the best and i hope is something else.

if you dont get the news you wanted you are always welcome to send me a message and i can share my experience with all the details.

i know how you feel , i went thru that but it gets better, it sure does if you follow the propper actions.



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