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I need hope...

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My father has been fighting lung cancer for almost 2 years now.  He was diagnosed when pain in his back turned out to be lung cancer that had spread.  Tarceva produced no results, and he underwent chemo.  He recently got scan results back that have just taken my breath away.  Every scan up to the most recent showed reduction in tumor size.  This most recent one showed the tumor in his lung is gone but the cancer has spread throughout his spine.  I am a grown woman and I feel like a little girl lost in a department store, calling out for my father.  He is still here and fighting but I can hear the defeat in his voice.  I am lost for words.  I get off the phone and cry after fighting back the tears while he is on the line.  I know so many here are suffering as I am and I almost feel bad for asking but I need something...ANYTHING.  I have never felt so alone in my life and there is not one person to call right now...

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Hello, sorry you had to find us.  This is a supportive site but doesn't get a lot of traffic.  Please also post at Inspire, where there is lots of activity.  I am sorry for the spine mets, but hopefully there will be something to help get rid of those.  Maybe they could try tarceva again?  On Inspire there is so much information on treatments also, and I hope you will register there. Lori

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Thank you for the suggestions and I will register on inspire.

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The lung cancer alliance has a buddy program for caretakers as well as patients and the ACS has a hotline.  The Cancer Support Community/ Gildas Club has support groups.  Check your employer to find out if they have an EAP program-those that do usually allow a minimum of three free counciling sessions.  Also your local hospital may be offering a caretaker support program. 


800.227.2345 Amer Cancer Society. 


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Dear Katie,  I am very sorry, I wish I can be with you to hug you.  You know,  my daughter suffer a lot and still crying, when my husband was dx with lung cancer, he is gone to heaven now (2 years) and the pain is still there for me, but the pain of my daughter I can`t imagine. My husband was her heroe, the best father in the world, he was superman and he i gone and we miss him every minute of our lives, But dear Katie you we have God and He always is with us, at this very moment you are in Jesus arms and He will never give you a pain that you can not take it, I wish with all my heart for you to be strong and stay with dad as much as you can, tell him how much you love him, hold him let him know that you there for him. I am felling very sad, b/c I saw my daughter suffer like you. God bless you and trust Him, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH HIM.


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Dear Rosi,

Thank you so much for the loving words and support.  I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the pain that you and your daughter have and do endure.  I pray to God to take all of our pain and light our path.  As the oldest child, I pray that I will be able to bring strength and peace, as a daughter and a sister, to my family.  I will be with my family on Thursday to celebrate my 39th birthday and could not dream of a better way to spend my day.  My father always tells me about the first time we saw each other and it is a story I will forever hold in my heart. You and your daughter are in my prayers and thank you, because you did hug me...just when I needed it most.

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