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I have NSCLC, I recently had my usual ct-scan my lungs checked out clear which I was happy about but it also picked up a 1.0cm nodule in my left breast, which scared me to death, I Immediately thought It's back, and in my breast now, my Dr. ordered a mammagram and while waiting for the results I posted my concern on a breast cancer forum hoping for some reassurance, I was amazed at how many responses I got, which made me feel better. There were a few ladies who were sending me private messages through the site, and we really connected, This site was for advanced breast cancer, they didn't have one for just breast cancer so that was my only option. I probably shouldn't have but I posted a question on this site and asked how everyone felt about someone with lung cancer joining their site, I clearly stated in my post that I did not have breast cancer (mammorgram was fine, nodule was a sebacious cyst) I just wanted to help brighten someones day, or make them laugh, just to help in some way. I knew I couldn't discuss treatments or be too helpful other than that. I recieved so many responses back a good majority were ok with it, but a few felt I had no business there because I didn't have breast cancer, they warned me how the site is full of tears, sadness, and death.  I wanted to send another post back telling them that the LC forum is that way too. I started at that point noticed that there seems to be a big debate over who's cancer is worse than other types. I decided maybe it would be best to just privately connect with the few I connected with as to not create problems. but it also made me wonder how we here at this forum would react if the situation had been reversed. How would you feel? Would you be OK with it? In my mind cancer is cancer. and if you can help someone even a small way shouldn't that be all that matters?

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..and mention the other more appropriate board only after determining whether or not it was a new lung primary or mets from elsewhere.   If its a mets I explain that the treatment would be the same as the primary.  I'd probably also ask them to check back and let us know what is being done and the results.  

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