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the unsure feeling

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I'm a 36 yr old mom of 4 with a family history of breast cancer.. So Back on the 12th of september i woke up with a red rash on my right breast, two days later it seemed to have gotten worse and started itching a lot. I went to my doctors on the 17th of sept and she gave me a script for some cream for a week, well after that week had past the rash was still there and felt thick plus i have tenderness in my nipple and under my armpit. I went back to my doc on the 30th she sent me straight to get an ultrasound done. The next day i got a call from her stating that the Radiologist found a pea size lump and wanted me to get in asap to get a diagnostic mammogram. I got my mammogram yesterday and now i have to wait till tuesday for results!! I'm so nurvous and my stomach is in knots and I don't even know where the lump is and i can't feel anything my cencern is that of IBC? it is so hard to not think of the worst. Has anyone esle had these same symptoms?

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I itched too before diagnosis on both sides.  But please TRY and keep calm, let's see what the result is.  Glad you are getting to find out soon and not too much waiting.  Fingers crossed.

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I didn't have itching or any symptoms at all.  It was all found on the mammo, but however the first suspitions appear the waiting for answers and actions is the WORST.

Try to relax and do things that keep your mind busy whenever possible.  Your sanity is very precious and may appear elusive at times, but remember it's like eating an elephant.  Take one little bite at a time and don't worry abot the next.  You may not need that next bite and even if you do, it probably won't be as bitter as your imagination makes it.

My love and prayers are with you,



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Thank you sandy :) of course im on a countdown and it most definitely makes the days go by slower but im really trying to keep my mind off of the what if's. I worked a long day today so that kept me pretty busy, it's just the night time that really gets me thinking urgg!! thank you again for your love and prayers god bless you  :)

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 2 more days to go and today i feel pretty calm,maybe cause i worked all day thank you for your response!! take care :)


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I am sorry, you are far too young just as I was to have to even be thinking of it.  I can say this while I just went through this with my friends own mother that waiting for answers is the worst time of the process so many questions yet don't even want to go there.  I don't think I slept for the entire days I waited. 

The one thing I have learned over the 16 years of survival is that today it seems catching it in very early stages is becoming the norm.  One has to stop the worry and stress even in these days of waiting and that is the challange no matter what.  My mother always says life is stressful get over it and I say it doesn't have to be if we work on it as we do everything to be.

You have a found the greatest place on earth to lay your worry and I am glad for that because I think it has been my saving grace all these years. 

My thoughts will be with you,


Lynn Smith
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I also have a family history of breast cancer.4 of us.My mom. my niece, me and my sister.I started having benign tumors when I was 20 after the birth of my oldest son. Never cancer tumors or cysts till  after my grandson elbowed me. I went in for a mammo 5 months later.Breast Cancer.It was my annual.I did see the doctor about the pain in the beginning from the injury but like he said wait for the next mammo.I'm sure he felt it wouldn't show up yet. I knew it would be cancer.You just know when you've had benign tumors for years.My dx came at 62.The cancer was 40 years later after the birth of my son and benign tumors and cysts for that many years off and on.

My mom was a 60 year survivor.Dx in the 1940's before I was born.  

I understand the wait.I've had more tumors than just this malignant.It went on for years till 2009 when I was dx.My friend said her granddaughter hit her breast hard and later cancer was found.She's been a survivor for almost 19 years.

Wish you the best

Lynn Smith  

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