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large intake of air

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Hearty Pioneer
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Last night I went to a home party.  They were selling kitchen items.  The company was featuring items that would receive a 25% donation to breast cancer research if you made a purchase.  So the company rep said, the host had told her a couple people at the party had fought cancer, who? and what type?  One woman 15 years free from Hodkins Lymphoma (sp?), another woman 1 year free from breast cancer and then me one year free from ovarian. Damn, if you didn't hear the large intake of air from everyone in the room.  No, I am not a ghost, really you can live after ovarian....for many years.

I don't know why,  it just hit me wrong.  All cancer is bad, please don't make me feel like I won the worst cancer lottery... ugh!!

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Hey Amy, don't feel bad, it's all relative... and heavily dependent on the stage and individual prognosis. If someone at the party had pancreatic or liver cancer, they would probably get the "gasp of air" and not you.

I am talking to a lady on this site, almost twice my age who is 3 years past mesothelioma diagnosis and doing fine. Statistical average survival for mesothelioma is 142 days from diagnosis.


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Hi Amy:

Similarly, I don't know why, but for some reason the whole PINK think is getting to me this year.  This has nothing to do with breast cancer survivors or the whole notion of awareness.   Its just that for an entire month we get Pinked and when you don't give you kinda get that "look".    The thing that really gets me is that some of the businesses are  "cashing in" on the whole pink business without donating anything of this profits to research and the like.  

Like I said, I don't know what it is bothering me.  Maybe I am not really feeling good.   I feel something is going on like it did before I was first diagnosed, but it is all kinda a feeling and a not feeling just right.   It took me almost two years to get someone to notice from my persistence.    Just kind of tired of some people's responses when you say you have a different kind of cancer.   Oh...   Or the oldie but goodie - Oh, you really look good?   (surprised).  I can laugh about that now.

But in any event, I wouldn't worry about it.   You just keep doing what you are doing!

My best to you,




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