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So, yesterday was good!

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Hi all,  Pleased to announce that the cyberknife clinical trial seems to have done the trick, no pain here!!!!!  Have been weaning of the dexemethasone (nasty business that one), Withdrawals were bad, shaking so much I was flicking half my meals around the room, the dog loved it lol.  Got my finances sorted out in the morning, great onco meeting in the afternoon, drove the 2 percherons for a wedding in the evening (good boys P&S), came home to a lovely man and meal... And a case of beer!  Mmmmm life can be good.  Hugs to all Jxxx

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Happy to read all of your joys! May the days ahead continue to be just as goods. You deserve it!


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So happy to hear this news.  Yay!!   It took me a bit to realize that you were talking horses not dogs.  That created quite an interesting picture in my head.  Two big dogs pulling the bride and groom.  I think I might have swallowed a couple of your dexy and am halucinating.  LOL

glad the cyber knife did the job and that you are working and life is good.


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Things are looking up - and a little brighter for you ..  not to mention that you are getting around, and living life.  hmmmm,  horses - or as I like to think of them as bigger dogs - I love dogs, and I love horses ..

Continued love, smiles, and happiness


Vicki Sam



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Pain gone is wonderful news. Living life even better news. Yay!!!



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Christmas Girl
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Wow! Glad for you, J! xo

Kind regards, Susan

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