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Crazy/odd questions

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I have a question...my last CT 3months ago showed enlarged lymph nodes toward by back near my aorta and somewhere that I can't remember...dang...anyway, I'm scheduled for another CT on the 18th to see what they have done...but over the last month or so, I find myself rubbing my tummy between my belly button and my breasts (sorry guys) almost like a woman does when she is carry a child (that is a negative).  There is an uncomfortableness.  And, I'm finding that wearing a bra is becoming very uncomfortable.  Even when I wear a loose bra it is still very uncomfortable.

Am I just becoming paranoid or is there a connection, are my nodes growing or I'm just looking for issues!  I know it has been a very long three months...and I am not good at all with the waiting game.

Thank you all for your thoughts on this.


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Hi Debbie,

I have no answers to your questions, but it seems like you could use a reassuring hug...so, this is the best I can do....(((((HUGS)))))


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My husband had para aortic nodes removed..they were cancerous. He didn't have any symptoms from them. I think its worth a call to your doc though ...for peace of mind and maybe they can make the scan sooner.

Hope its nothing!

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I suspect that it might be paranoia.  Waiting is so hard.  Does it feel like gas?  What kind of pain?  Aching, sharp shooting?  Maybe it's from anxiety.  I do hope it is all in your head.  Hope you get some answers soon.  My husband had some cancerous lymph nodes in that area.  They didn't cause any symptoms.  Wish I could help more...



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I'm finding the same feeling.  Always feeling if there is something there, but I've noticed that only since I've started walking on my treadmill going from 2 miles a day to 7-8 miles a day.  But I'm rubbing the same area you may be rubbing.  It could be a hernia which would be a possible explanation.  Hernias can cause so much problems and hurt bad and also if you have had surgery you could have adhesions  that are now coming loose and creating more pain and more problems.  Just check in with the doctor for reassurance.  Let us know how you feel.


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Since I have been on Xeloda and Folfox my entire rib cage is very sensitive. Even the pressure from the seat belt is uncomfortable. Any mild pressure will make me uncomfortable. I have been checked out, I have no appearent lymph node involvement or metastases to the lungs, but the chemo made my muscles between my ribs very tender.


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I know exactly what you are talking about. There is a good chance it's nothing. Since diagnosis I have been a bit of a hypochondriac and was constantly feeling around my body for lumps and bumps. The more I poked around the more I felt. I was convinced I had something exactly here you say you feel something. My scan was clear...in that area at least. I tested myself by actively not poking around for a few days. This worked well becaus the discomfort went away and it broke my habit of rubbing my belly.

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I know how it is to worry about every little ache or pain, we all know. 

I don't think I'm a full blown hypochondriact but I do get myself worked up, always have. 

Several years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, I mean in the 300's. I came home and immediately started experiencing chest pains. Every night I'd go to bed and I could hear my heart beating and the pains would start. I didn't have them at all before the DX, so I knew that they were psychosomatic. 

I taught myself to think that I had an ingrown toenail, I would immedietely feel a pain in my big toe. So when I got the cancer, and went to bed and started feeling all sorts of things, I would think of my big toe, and sure enough, the other 'pains' would go away. 

Anyway, the moral to this story is that we can imagine and imagine very well, that we are in pain. Try to think of something else to distract you and see if that works. 

Of course, don't ever rule out that something could be wrong, and definitely have a word or two with your Doctor. 

Good luck as you go forward and let us know how things are going. 

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I think it is probobly parnoia. It happns to me all of the time. We all suffer from that at one time or another. I consider it just another symptom of the disease.

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get it checked out. Maybe it's acid reflux, heartburn or maybe you're just thinking about it too much. I hope and pray that it's nothing. :)

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You all help keep me grounded! Still feel like poo but now I have yet another UTI...I'm really sick of these things... Ready for the 24th so I can breathe again!

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