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At the starting line Again.

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Got my 3rd port in yesterday , And I start Chemo on Tuesday. So not ready for this again. Yell

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I've been lucky in that my port has been great, but I too will be starting chemo soon.  So not looking forward to that!Frown  I hope things go well with this port and you have a good response.  Take care, Traci

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Life-force is of the strongest forces in the Universe. Everything and everybody wants to live. We all have to find a reason to keep going whether healthy or sick. It is a greater and more difficult challenge than the treatment itself. 

I wish you the strength to get started and keep going and to find wonderful meaning in every single day no matter how hard it is. I'm telling this to myself just as much, because I will have a major surgery coming up too. We can do this and see you on the better side of life.


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I totally understand how you feel. I cried and I mean balled like a baby the last time I had a port put in. I hate them. I knoe some are ok with them but I would rather have a picc line. I fough with my oncologist to take it out after I finished treatment last time. He wouldn't listed so I went straight to my liver surgeon and he took it out. 

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it sucks, I agree, oh well, I start again I think this coming Friday, Irinotican and Vetimux (or something like that, I forgot how to spell it, last time was Erbitux, now it's the one that starts with a "v". Same port, third year.

Wishing you the least amount of side affects!!

Winter Marie

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for VECTIBIX.....

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now I know what it is :)

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Oh Friends,

So many of you have been through so much already and here you go again.  I am so very sorry.  Dick is also still fighting and after 5 years it does not get easier.  I hope and pray you all get some releif from the cancer.  I pray things go well.




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I'm sorry that you are struggling with another battle of this terrible disease.  I'm hoping that this new round will bring you to a disease free state.  Just wishing you the best through this.


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that you're dealing with this horrible disease again. My brother just had his port put in again and started chemo. He's taking the folloowing drugs:  5 -FU every 14 days, irinotecan every 14 days, leucovorin every 14 days, 5-FU over 2 days (infusion pump) and erbitux will begin next visit. He is also on diphenhydramine and famotidine, zofran, and dexamethasone. Also atropine for irinotecan. 

It's a tough life to live. I give you all so much credit for fighting the fight. My brother is my hero. I wish there was more I could do for him. It sucks that he keeps having to deal with this. I am hoping that eventually they can do surgery, but right now he is not a candidate because it's in both lungs and the liver. Right now they are doing chemo and will re-evaluate in 6 months?

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I don't think anyone is ever ready,but good luck,and I hope this is the last time.

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