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Last Chemo Treatment Last Thursday (Sept 26)

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I started my battle on Halloween 2011. That was over 700 days ago (nearly two years). Four surgeries, twenty-two radiation treatments, eleven treatments of FOLFOX and Oxaliplatin, twelve treatments of FOLFIRI and Erbitux, and countless scans later I finally have a legitimate shot at a FULL REMISSION! Praise and Glory be to God!


My next step: Scans on 10/21 (CT Scan, PET Scan, MRI of Liver). If scans show NED then my Onc will monitor CEA levels monthly and scans every two or three months.


I am joyfull but I have to admit that I am also very cautious with my emotions. I don't want to fly too high only to come crashing back into a low. But I am optimistic and hopeful! I know that God has a plan for me and whatever the plan; it is perfect. I just wish I knew the ending of the plan. :-)


God Bless you all and thank you for your support and advice (to me and to each other)!!!


Happy Friday!



Blog: http://pscamihorn.me/2013/09/26/today-is-my-last-day-of-chemo-treatments/



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You hopefully paid your dues and finally can enjoy a healthy life style.

I wish you all the best and a long happy healthy life.


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I am praying for you that your scans are all clear. I know you have been through hell and back with your treatments. I am extremly happy to hear anyone who has gone through this battle have a clear scan. Good luck to you phil.

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What we are all working towards.  May you continue to be blessed with clear scans.  Keep us posted and have a wonderful weekend!  Traci

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Congrats to you!!  My best to you for continued NED!


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Congrats on finishing your last treatment. We will be praying for good news on your next scan.


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That's awesome Phil. What a long tough battle that you endured. Your are wise not to let your emotions get to high. I try to approach a clean scan the same way although we all do deserve to celebrate the good news.

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Congrats Phil!  I'll be praying that you're NED!

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Hi Phil,

Congrats on finishing your treatment on a positive note. Yes God has plans for all of us & that's the perfect plan. Wishing you to be in the NED club forever Smile


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