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The Lone Ranger

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Tracon has closed the study trial on the TRC 105. Robert was the only one left out of 28 subjects, and the only one who has had a response (i.e. shrinkage).


They are "rolling" him over to a continuation of the trial, since he is responding, where he will be the only participant.  Treatment will remain the same.


Last scan showed a tiny bit of shrinkage in the big tumor, and stable in all the rest of them.  No new ones, either. Laughing


I wonder why Robert showed response, and no one else did.  



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Who knows why he's the only one, but glad he showed response!

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That is great the Robert is responding and that you were able to keep him on it.

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but sure am happy he had a good response, let it continue on, WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Winter Marie


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That's great news.  Well, I guess it's great news for Robert but not so much for the other participants.  I am happy that he had a good response.  Congratulations.



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So glad to hear that Robert showed a responce.  Thank you for sharing.



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