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Home again from hospital

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Man, it's been a tiring  few days. Went to the ER Wednesday because around  2am noticed I wasn't producing any urine. I have been on a catheter since April. My left kidney doesn't work since April . I walked around thinking that would open things up.  At 3 am I finally woke mywife up and we headed off to ER.  I was really tired  also. I also had a lot of pain in the blatter because of not peeing. Anyway they drew blood. Next the procedure I hate...changing the catheter.  They changed it andthat along with flushing clots helped. Well mhblood work came back and my hemo was only 5200, normal guy is around 14000. So had 5 units blotransfusion. So wiped out and hopefully  with a good nights rest because you sure can't get any at the hospital . I pray everyone is doing well.   Jeff

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery!


We are glad everything worked out.


Best Always,  mike

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Pretty scary stuff, but I'm glad you listened to your body and acted on it. I want to appreciate you for that, because many people would not do that.

I wish you good rest and recovery from this ordeal. 


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Yikes Jeff - glad you decided to go to the ER!   Glad you are home and hope you can get some good rest today.   The hospital certainly isn't the place to go for rest!

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I'm glad you went to the hospital,and got checked.I hope everything gets better for you.

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