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Updated, done with radiation

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I am finished with radiqtion.nHave a horrendousnsorenthroat, hurtsnto swollownand hreathe. I wil go back in 6 weeks to see if it shrunk any ofnthe tumors. Cant wait to be able to eat a little better. Has been soup, bland pasta, cottage cheese and scrambled runny eggs.
Some changes in local support group, men, women, all kinds and stages f cancer. I liked how open and supportive ithas been... now the director wants changes. Guess change can be good but the beauty of this group was that it was not formalband people really had great info. Now the facilitator sitting in has no experience with cancer or doing groups. Will give it a chance. I liked knowing that we were all kindered and could relate.
Please keep my brother in mind as he is nearing the end with copd, and my brother in law had a stroke and is having complications. Both could use prqyers.

Finished 2 fields of rads, to knee and hip 2 weeks ago, and started immediately on T-spine. It has been rough. I sleep even more and my esophagus is burned and am on liquid diet, and now the wheazing is pretty raspy. For the first time in a long time, I get so weepy. I am doing 12 days of rads to spine to try and stop pressure of tumors on my spinal column. I new this wasnt going to be easy, but it just keeps getting so much harder. I hate sleeping so much even thou I am wiped. Feel like I am sleeping valuable time, but am too tired most of the time to do more. This totally sucks! Carol

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I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I hate this so much! I pray you feel better soon and these rads are over quickly.



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I'm hoping that the treatment helps alleviate pain, that once you sleep off your fatigue you feel more comfortable and have better quality of life. That's my hope and I'm sticking to it.



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I am so sorry for rough time you are having. Sending you tons of hugs and prayings it will get better!


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is the good part.  I'm sorry to hear you even had to do the treatment.  Praying for your strength to return quickly.  Hugs, Linda

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Thinking of you....


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Carol, I'm so sorry this is so tough on you.  I wish there was a magic wand I could pull out to make it all go away.  Hang in there.


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Sometimes it is okay to say that this 'sucks'.  The journey your on is hard, just plain hard.  So many people want us to put on a happy face, and keep on trucking.  Well, keep on trucking, but grant yourself permissioin to sometimes simply be in a purple funk!  It just might help.

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but, it will be so worth the trouble if radiation alleviates some of your pain.  Allow your body to have its so needed down town to rest or sleep -.  If you get frustrated, allow yourself the time to cry, kick or scream.

I am thinking and praying for you each and every day, my dear Carol.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki SamYell

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