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OT - First Blizzard Warning of Season

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First Blizzard Warning of the Season.  (70 mph winds expected)  Just got message on cell that we are now under a Blizzard Warning until 9 on Sat. morn!  TOO early!  Trees are still almost totally in leaf so probably a lot of damage to them and lost power.  Oh-ha well.  All I have to finish doing this afternoon is the last of 'bedding down' outside plants and getting bougainvillas in. Have plenty of kerosene for heat and light if needed, plenty of food in the house (need to draw up a bit more water).

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Wow!  On a rare occasion we get measurable snow here in October, but no blizzards.

Stay warm.  Stay safe.

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 I LIVE IN NYS 2 yrs ago snow storm for trick or treating and this year so far ...it's still been in 70s & 80s...



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Here we almost always either have some snow on the ground or it snows for Halloween.  That may not be completely true but it seems like it a lot more often than not.

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It's definately blizzarding here.    So far it appears that we've had at least 15" here at the house (with the drifting its hard to be completely sure).  We've had lots of 'thunder snow' (lightening/thunder like with a thunderstorm but with snow instead) - actually I don't ever remember as much with any other blizzard as we've had with this one.   The 'bad' for me so far - power has been in and out too many times to count today but it finally went out about 2 1/2 hrs ago and not back (using my tablet to post).  Have kerosene heater going so it's comfy in house.  The good - temps are that bad , actual in the low 30's, windchill in the teens/20s.  Wind has not been as bad as expected as least as far as I can tell from home.  They said to expect 70+ gusts but it seems to me that we only got 55 - 60 so far.

Prayers for those that are in the path.

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(Forgot to add - I90 is Enforced Closure from the WY/SD border to milemarekr 110 (Wall, SSD)

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As soon as I saw that snow was coming that way on the news and thought of you right away. I am hoping you don't lose power (assuming you don't have a back up generator).


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Lost power about 2 Mountain Time - still not back on.  Do not have a generator - have a kerosene heater and  lot of kero lamps so I'm comfy.  My phone decided to 'die' (tablet may decide to go 'south' soon too)while talking with Hubby (he's a tow truck driver)  so not sure where he is, what he's doing or where he is but knows I'm safe at home  Also his "girl friend" is safe at home.  (His "girl friend" is his B&T Hound.)

The Weather Channel has lots of picture that have been sent in to them.

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So sorry for all of you suffering from the blizzard. We still have the air conditioning on but are expecting a "cold front" tomorrow...temp dropping into the 80's in the day and down to 59 Saturday night...back up to 80's on Sunday. No trees are turning yet in town but they will next month. The crepe myrtles are just starting their 2nd big show...they also do it in the spring. The city is full of trees blooming with light rosy pinks, white, lavendar, red, and hot pink crinkly color. These cooler temps will trigger some color change a bit north of here in the hill country. We don't get the fabulous colors like you do in the north, but we do get some of it, contrary to what most people think. We have 70-80's until Thanksgiving, then get a few Canadian cold fronts, and winter jumps us for six or eight weeks. We even get snow once in awhile...just a dusting in early February that's gone by 10 a.m. but still fun for us.   

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I'm from San Antonio too and I agree with Sandra...just a teensy bit colder and we get thrilled!

Stay warm Sister.



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Please keep in touch, when you can, dearheart!


Hugs, Kathi

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