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Greetings to Shoopy

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How's it going today, Karl? Are you still at Area 51? I was wondering about the RICE--any weird dreams or hallucinations? You sound perfectly stable. When will you go home? I know you will have to be extremely careful about infection. I hope it is all going well for you. I just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you today.




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Thank you for asking!  As of this moment I am still in Area 51 with probes still in.  I'm receiving the "I" right now which goes for 24 hours.  The timing should get me out of here in the morning...if the aliens are in a good mood!  Surprsingly, I feel great.  I have had no nuasea or any other side effects.  It's a bit disappointing that I haven't experienced any hallucinations--I was really looking forward to it.  Maybe a simple one like Jim eating an big fat orange or green crayon.

I imagine next week is when my blood counts will drop.  It's almost 5 days exactly after chemo for me.

I appreciate the hugs and the thoughts. 


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