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Texasgirl10, Dawne update

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Dawne has had more test ran, a little good news is that this tumor is not triple negative as the previous cancer was. That gave the Dr a little more options on what chemo to use. She will be starting a different chemo soon. She is in a lot of pain but still remains optimistic. Prayers and God Bless you all

                                                           (((hugs))) Janice

New Flower
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Thank you Janice

i am glad for new treatment options for Dawne. Hope for easy going for her 

hugs back

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my prayers are with you all.

Hugs and lots of love


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Thank you for the update. I was just thinking about Dawne last night. Love Surf

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for Dawne.

Thank you Janice.

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Please send Dawne my love and prayers !!!



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Praying.  Hugs, Linda

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