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Pancreatic Cancer Traveled to Omentum

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My brother was diagnosed this week with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has a tumor on his omentum.  He was told that it is inoperable and will begin chemotherapy next week.  My brother even asked if, should the cancer shrink considerably through his treatments, it may be operable.  The categoric answer returned was "no"; they do not allow for the remote possibility that surgery may be an option.  He is at a top Boston hospital.  Needless to say, our family is devastated and in shock.  Additionally, we are searching our brains out on the internet trying to find answers.

The pancreas can be removed.  The two functions are production of insulin and enzymes.  From what I have read, a person can receive supplemental insulin and enzymes, and can live their life without a pancreas.

The omentum can be removed.  From my research, the omentum serves no function.  I am not clear if my brother's tumor is the greater or the lesser omentum (the lesser is in very close proximity to the pancreas, but my brother's pain is in mid-gut which looks like the greater in the photos).

I am not a doctor, nor am I in the medical profession.  I am just a desperate sister trying to save her brother. 

Please - has anyone had this diagnosis?  Has anyone survived the removal of both the pancreas and the omentum?

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