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second opinion.

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I finaly talked my wife into getting a second opinion. We will be sending her records to Roswell cancer institute in Buffalo NY. They are considered the best cancer hospital outside of NYC. I am not real pleased with the road she is on with her current oncologist. Hope to hear from them soon with a appt.

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Good for you!  I've been trying to talk my husband into going to Sloan, but no luck yet.  I hope they have a good plan for her - good luck!

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I'm glad you were able to convince her.  I know from being the patient that sometimes you just don't want to do even one extra appointment, as they're so stressful.  But it might end up being the thing that offers more hope, so I really think it's worth trying.

Keep us posted!

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After two different chemos with no results, I think she is finaly ready to see what other choices are out there. I feel this is the right thing to do at this time. I will keep you updated.

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That is wonderful news!  Hope you get an appt very quickly and some doors open up for options!! In my experience, the doctors are very good at getting the appt. set up rather timely. It is a lot of work fighting this disease, and often seems non-stop, but I too believe this is a good thing right now! 

Best of luck to you both!


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I think you're very wise to get a second opinion.  Please let us know how the appointment goes.  Best of luck to you you both.



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