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Using Chemotherpay for Synovial Sarcoma Cancer

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On Sept 4th, 2013; My wife had surgery removing synovial tumor encasing the aorta and its size is 8 cm. Now, we been asked to start chemotherapy (CTH) to eliminate its cells left or possible been distributed anywhere else and avoid reoccurrences. We need two days to take a decision to accept starting the CTH and kindly I need your opinion.

From the search i have done so far, it seems with using CTH; the tumor will reoccur maximum within 5 years, 60% tumor respond to CHT for less than 5 cm size, and even researches do not find yet the right effective chemical for it (the latest are doxorubicin and Ifosfamide).  CHT now planned for 6 cycles/dosages of the painful risky CHT treatment.

I would rather not use CHT now specially during surgery healing time, and keep close monitoring in future. In this case, we will give more time for chance to see better treatment in future, do less surgery and/or less dosage of CTH since it should be less than 5cm that time if needed.

I need your advice that may I miss something or mistaking. you may approach me at alsaflan@gmail.com


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