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Worried about my Mom

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Hi everyone. My mom has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Primary Peritoneal and I am so scared of losing her. I am going to be by her side throughout her treatment.

I am trying my best to be positive, but sometimes it's really hard. First, you pray that it's not cancer, and then you hope that it's one that can be easily treatable or that it's not a late stage. I feel like despite my positive energies each time we find out news it gets worse. My mom looks great now and says she feels like nothing is wrong with her. She only gets tired easily and has less appetite sometimes. Doctors seem hopeful that treatment will work well.

I know we all love our mothers so much and I just wish my mom will heal from this and be the survivor I know she will be already.

Please send your positivity our way. :)

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I am going through exactly the same phase that you are. My dad has been disgnosed and we intially had to worry if it was cancer and then we had to pray it was treatable. Turns out he has brain tumor, Astrocytoma grade 2.

Staying positive is the best thing right now, I too am here to talk to people who can relate to my story and those who can tell me that they survived. Your mum is lucky to have you with her, I spent all my time with dad during his first round of chemo which was last week. He has been getting more active day by day though he is unaware that he has tumor and he has trouble remembering things but we all know that brain is the most delicate part of the body. I am just hoping that the treatment suits him and he recovers quickly and has a long happy life ahead.

Just hang in there and if there's anything you need to talk about or need any moral support I'll help you :)
Your mom seems to be a very strong person and that's all it takes to beat this monstrosity, internal strength and loads of positivity. You just have to make sure that your mothers believes in her strength, depression sometimes gets the best in people. I have met plenty of people here who have survived the worst cases and our parent will be one of the survivors hopefully :)

I'll pray for you and your mother. 


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Hello, first of all i just want to let you know that i KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. My mother was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December of last year and it has been one of THE TOUGHEST times of my life. My whole entire life has been altered and most days i feel like iam just going through the motions of life. I try to stay healthy with exercise and proper diet, but it is my mind that is all screwed up. its full of worry and anger and frustration. i dont know what to think sometimes. Today i just found this website because i really need some support. My friends are great but a lot of them do not understand what i am going through and so their words are not really having an impact on me. It is so so hard. If anyone has any sort of advice for me i would gladly take it.

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