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Pros and cons: saline vs silicone implant?

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All About Laughter
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I had my right breast removed in August and am currently involved in tissue expansion. Curious what information any of you ladies could provide to me regarding which implant I should choose, saline or silicone.  My left breast will need a "lift" for symmetry at the end of this process, but I am attempting to remain my normal size. Suggestions? Pros and cons of each type of implant?

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My plastic surgeon only uses saline implants. He is a reconstructive plastic surgeon for burn patients at the famous Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and only one of two plastic surgeons out of 50 who do reconstruction for breast cancer patients. He does not do cosmetic surgery. He has worked with all kinds of implants over the years and says saline look the best are are safest. A bonus is that if there is a leak, the saline is absorbed into the body. Silicone used to be a HUGE problem when it leaked into the body but I understand much improvement has been made over the years and saline is being used again. Sorry I don't know anything abou it but I'm sure others will post.

I am 5 week out from a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. My implant looks great and is comfortable. Due to thin skin on the other side, I have a tissue expander. It will be replaced with an implant in about 2 months.

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That was in 2002. If I were to have it today, I would have silicone. It feels more natural and from what I have learned, both use the same silicone implant. I was worried about a leak and all the issues thay used to have with having to scrape the chest wall when they did leak, but I was told that the actual implants are so improved now that that is no longer a big issue.
Mine just are not real comfortable and 'ruffle wih ridges' when I lay down.
Best of luck on whichever you decide.

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I had a BMX and opted for the saline...at first. They felt horrible and looked fake. I had those taken out and opted for the gummy silicone implants. They are tear drop shaped and look very natural. They are more firm than the regular silicone so if they do have a problem they do not leak like the others. They are a lot safer...the only thing is I am part of a trial so I don't think a lot of Doctors are part of this trial. You may not have this as an option.


Good luck with what ever one you choose!


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I had both of my breast reconstruction with silicone. They look nice and feel natural. My Dr. said that silicone will last about 20 years.  She also added that there was no research that prove that silicon cause any problems to people health. Then I might need to have them replaced if they don't look right any more in the next 20 years. I am happy with the silicone implant.

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Through rads and lumpectomy, they stayed soft and pliable.  Even saved my life...they were inserted above the muscle, below (as it turns out) the lump that turned cancerous.  My one 'margin' was the envelope of scar tissue my body surrounded the implant with...


The reason this choice has returned is that the fears about Silicone have been proved to be false.  

I mentor cancer patients, and, as others have shared, I hear the same about saline....not quite as 'natural' feeling...


But, it's such a personal choice....sending hugs!


Hugs, Kathi

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Before I decided to have my breast implanted with Silicon , my Dr. showed me both Saline and Silicone. I did not like the way saline feel. Beside I was afraid the saline bags might easily leak out. As for silicone packages are already made and sealed that look more secure. That is my opion and choice. I am very happy with the result. Now, I really like the way my breasts look and feel. :-) When I touch my breasts, I feel like I am in my early 20. :-) Actually, I am 51.

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My plastic surgeon told me that for people without any breast tissue, silicone is the way to go - aestetically speaking.  They are softer than saline and don't ripple or dimple as much.  I went with his suggestion and have been happy with the results.  I find my implants to be comfortable and realistic.  I was told that all implants need to be replaced after 15-20 years (not just silicone).  That they have a life and after time wear out.

Good luck to you!  I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever decision you end up making for yourself.


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