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Stage I Jaw Osteonecrosis

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It's official.  Oral surgeon said the ulcer is a small area of exposed bone=Stage 1 jaw osteonecrosis.  He started me on a chlorhexidine rinse.  He would like me to take a holiday from xgeva for a few months.  I haven't talked to onc yet, but he will probably agree.

 If it gets worse or doesn't heal well, oral sugeon may prescribe antibiotics.  No guarantees, but he feels like it may slowly heal.  Now, it is a waiting game.  Xray, teeth and gums are normal at this point (except for ulcer)--so we are praying for the best .

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I will also pray for the best for you. 


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Praying for the best for you~ did your hollyhocks ever bloom for you??

hugs~ M

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Hoping for the best for you. Fingers crossed that it heals.

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I will pray for healing and the best for you!


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praying it will heal. I am so so sorry that you had to make such a hard decision about leaving your job, the decision you didn't want to make. Big hugs. I know you will find a lot of nice things to do and enjoy your free time.

Be well, Carmen


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I hope you will nip this and it will heal and never cause you any more problems.  I have forgotten where you bone mets were located.  Do you really need xgeva?  

I am having mouth problems also and have been prescribe the same rinse as you.  My problems are not with osteonecrosis.  I used Fosamax and Boniva after I fell in fractured 3 verterbra.  Those drugs gave me uveitis which I am still dealing with today.

Wishing and hoping that you will heal that one small place.



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It was also due to necrosis that I was taken off Xgeva 4 or so months ago, and hormonentherapy as the cancer continued to grow with all of it.
My jaw pain has been better without Xgeva. Onco said I was able to be on it longer than most. So far no fractures so apparently, it did its job!
Hope your mouth heals quickly. My sores went awat after a good month. I just assumed sores were from the chemo.n I was using rince and also waas on antibiotics.

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Dear CC:

I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear your news lately. I am hoping that your ostenonecrosis doesn't worsen. I know you love your job, but maybe your body needs you to slow down a bit to heal. I hope it helps you even if it is not your first choice.

Here is hoping that you get better news.

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Damn beast!  Sorry to hear this news -!!  My heart hurts that you had to take a leave of absense from you 'most beloved job'. ^(&()(&&* ..y.  the only words of wisdom I have for you is something that has been shared by Chen to all of us ..

We do what we have to, in order to do what WE WANT to...

 I am sure I butcheedr this statement -please forgive me

Prayers for better, stronger, and less painful days, my friend.


Vicki Sam




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Love you too Vicki Sam!  Are you still a big football fan?  Probably a dumb question...Lol.  Liking my Saints. :-)

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Enjoying the addition of Rob Ryan -- Saints' defensive line is now ranked #5 overall amoungst all NFL teams.

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY FOOTBALL --- AHHHHHHH, its the most wonderful time of the year!


Vicki Brees hahahahaha

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I think it has been almost two weeks, and you are playing the wait and see game.  Any good news?

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The ulcer over the bone is unchanged, but no worse.  I am off of xgeva for probably 6 months at least (according to oncologist).  I am still hopeful.  The oral surgeon said it would take time and my next appointment is not for a month.  Thanks for the good wishes and prayers.

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