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those of you NED & CA 125 in single didgets---are yoiu able to function as if you weren't ill?

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Susan P
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Due to my severe stroke & use of just my right side - brain damage - along with chemo brain  

Stroke fcauses bbrain fog balance & weakness issues. this is all exacerbated by chemo & cancer side effects.


hoping for an improvement inwell being after debulking & single digits.



Opinions ?  have you noticed a big difference in your overall well being?


Just having trouble fighting both with no stamina & so many thhings to dowithb one hand crippled by neuropathy I'm on Gabapentin but have nhjot reached the leve,l to really help


just had a bad day with diaharrea weakness ^ neurop tomorrow will be 1 wk since last chemo 3 of 2nd round

so need to feel good enough to go see my two granddaughters 3 hrs away

Susan P from Alberta Canada



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..but was once...I do have problems with fatigue,balance ,appetite . Been on chemo since 2011...just now going every other month. Wishing you the best...take each day as it comes...each day is a gift....Val 



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Pamela B
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Hi Susan,
 I am so sorry you  are having a bad day.  I have been NED and have a CA125 of 5 after stage three diagnosis last December.  It was rough at first but my energy level came back quickly.  I do have neuropathy but just suffer with the annoyance of it right now and not taking anything for it.   I am through with chemo for now but did carry on pretty normally during chemo. I slept a lot but tried to get out for lunch with friends as much as I could.  I had to stop exercising during chemo because I was just too tired, but now I am back at it.
I pray that you will be feeling better and out and about again and taking lots of time with your grand children in the very near future.  Stay string and you can do this!
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I thought at times going throught chemo I would never feel good again.....but I have been NED 5 yrs and CA125 is 7 after a Stage 3C DX.

I now function very normal...in fact sometimes I "forget" I was ever so sick. Wishing you ease of the chemo and being NED forever.

(((HUGS))) JoanC

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Susan.  You sound so good.  I'm NED for about 1 1/2 years but I don't forget and I still feel fatigued.  Today I threw in the towel and canceled all of my work, hottubbed and spent the day in my robe.  I'm struggling with depression and finding motivation to start over.

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I am so sorry that you have been suffering but you sound like a very tough lady.  My CA 125 has been at 7 or below since my de-bulking surgery and I have been NED for over two and a half years.  I realize how fortunate I am and try to appreciate each day.  Although I have never gone a day without cancer crossing my mind, I am pretty much living a "normal" life, with no aches or pains and no residual side effects from chemo.

I am praying that you feel better and stronger with each passing day and that all of the ladies here get NED in their lives.



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I am 45 and prior to cancer was absolutely healthy.

While in remission (CA125=4) for 10 months I mostly felt fine. I have some long-term chemo side effects: peripheral neuropathy in feet and hands, intermittent fatigue, short-term memory loss and cognitive decline. As a result of hysterectomy I developed ventral hernia and rectocele (prolapse). It was not the same as before cancer, but not bad.

Now I'm having my first recurrence (CA125 went from 6 to 82 in 1 month) but I don't feel any different and don't have any symptoms.

Good luck to you!

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I have never been able to forget that I have cancer. Not even for a single day while in remission. I do try to turn it around to remind myself that facing mortality means appreciating the aliveness of each moment. I met a man who was in remission from colon cancer for 8 years or so. I asked him the same question. He said he thinks about the cancer every day. It doesn't rule his life, but he never forgets that it could recur. Somehow this made me feel more normal as he's a respected psychiatrist. If HE couldn't get entirely on top of it then maybe I wasn't the lost cause I thought I was.

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