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How many continuous dose of Folfox?

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Interested to know how long anyone has been continuously treated with Folfox regime (less the Oxally) before they had to stop or change? I am currently up to 30 but don't know if that is a lot or only just starting?



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I have heard of people on Folfox for 6 months and I've heard of some who were on it 2 or 3 years.  It seems that each of these chemo treatments turn out the same... they stop it if it no longer works (meaning the cancer begins to grow or spread and 'learn' how to dance even though the chemo is pouring in) or they stop it because your body can no longer take that drug (or set of drugs)

I was on Folfox w/ Erbitux from Jan 2012 to June 2012. They stopped the treatments to do a 'reconnect' surgery. (i had a colostomy for 7 months). And, the side effects from the Erbitux and Oxy were kicking my ***. So, they moved me to Xeloda & Avasitn....

anyway, back to you... I haven't heard of anyone being too long on anything. If its working and if you can handle the side effects... then call it maintenance chemo to keep the crap from growing.

wha stage are you? where's the cancer? 

all my best




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Stage 4 MCRC. Mets to liver and lungs. Chunk of large intestine removed last year in June. Been on fortnitely infusion of Folfox (Avastin, Leucovorin & Flourouracil plus 8 doses of Oxally) plus trial drug called "Congo". Fortunately very few side effects over the last 14 months - so just keep on keeping on.-:)

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The use of extra adjuncts hitting different targets may extend the useful maintenance period.  There is a blurb about the drug in the CONGO trial, humanized monoclonal antibody (huMAb) anti-EGFL7 (MEGF0444A).   Here is Roche's pipeline.

I've seen two people mention xeloda for seven years.  Without specialized (super)nutrition, their bodies get pretty worn out.

My wife does a lot of less or nontoxic adjuncts and her treatment / maintenance immunochemo has lasted 40 months. The big question about hers is how well it works on pretreated, macrosized mets. It roughly stopped her para aortic lymph nodes from growing or spreading but didn't kill or starve the cells more than 90-95% - we planned surgery for macro sized tumors since chemo seldom definitively eliminates PALNs.  Stopping any spread was our emphasis, regional kill offs are bonuses.  The immunochemo has shrunk and disintegrated some cyst-lilke things in the liver that weren't expected to be cancerous.  Still looking good 42 months post dx.   We are committed to many natural adjuncts because many simultaneous MABs would melt the body, and the bank.

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My husband was on folfox from June of 12 to July of 13 then changed from the oxyplatin to ironetecan Because of spread.

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I curious about the clinical trial drug you are getting,   can you explain it further???    Where is it being done, which facility,  do you know the exact name of the drug??

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