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A Quiet Prayer...for everyone

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A quiet prayer going out to night to everyone who has been affected by cancer, as a patient, survivor, family, friends, medical support team, researchers, fund raises, and anyone else I've left off the list.  And, for those who regardless of how hard they battle, sometimes, cancer is still the strongest enemy.

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Last evening a long-time friend of mine told me that she probably has cancer again, this time in one breast.  She has had other battles with the disease elsewhere and won.  I know that her first cancer battle was around 30 years ago.  Each time she has had a battle, she has won -- much to the surprise of all of us.  We'll see what happens this time.  She already has an oncologist, but before she returns to that person because of this current find, she will be seeing a surgeon.

We were both saying last evening that we both know there is always the threat that cancer can return somewhere.  It is great to celebrate that five-year mark, but that is no guarantee that cancer will never return.  Although neither of us spends a lot of time dwelling on that thought, it is there in the back of our minds so that we are better able to handle news like what Sharon shared with me.

A year ago last Wednesday I finished the last of my sequence:  double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation therapy.  (I am doing hormonal therapy.)  It is amazing how well I am doing.  That is not just my assessment.  I hope I continue to stay clean.

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I just had a longtime friend call to tell me she's having a bilateral this week.  We live several states apart, and she has called me to give comfort and support since my own news.  It's everywhere.  Today in yoga, the lady next to me shared that she'd gone through the same a few years ago.  Was I just not aware of so much cancer before I had it?  It seems like more than one in eight women these days.  Linda

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A nice quiet prayer is something nice to think about.

Thank you for posting.



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of quiet prayer - this morning.   Wonderful suggestion.


Vicki Sam

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