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Still having incision pain

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Today I am 3 weeks post op from my Right open radical nephrectomy. My incision is very large because of the size of my tumor. The incision extends from a few inches below the arm pit starting with where the chest tube was inserted, across my rib cage to below my sternum, and down to the belly button. I am still having a significant amount of pain (especially to the touch), soreness, and numbness EVERYWHERE around this incision. I still am not able to take deep breaths without uncomfort which I expected...But the doctors keep saying "well your incision is quite large!" when I ask about the pain. I know its only been 3 weeks and im being very impatient, but I am just curious about everyones experience with this type of incision? 

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It could be six months, it could be a year, and some slight pain could be forever..  You asked....  Heal up, sounds like your incision is much larger than mine... and I had some pain for around 6 plus months, and some "discomfort" still some 19 months later...


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I still have inscision pain/abdominal pain.  Maybe I am just a wimp.

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At the three week mark I still had to wear a larger size of pants to avoid the pain, and my surgery was laproscopic.  It was at about the six week mark that I did not notice pain.  Tomorrow will be 9 weeks since my surgery.  Although not painful, there is still some sensitivity in the incision area.  I understand very well that being patient is for others.  I am terrible about it myself.  But it just takes time.

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Hubby's partial nephretomy was March 12 2013. He is still a bit sore with mild swelling every so often. I believe his scar is about 8 inches long or so and they removed part of a rib.

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Just found this website and wish I had much sooner as there are many helpful and informative comments from fellow survivors.  I had a partial nephrectomy right side with open incision in August 2011.  Still feeling some numbness and periodic pulling/pinching sensations around my incision.  Other than this minor annoyance no complaints, I am one of the lucky ones and very grateful.  The emotional side of recovery I have found to be more challenging than physical aspects.  Best wishes.

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