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Ovarian cancer

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Please any information would be so helpful. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer two months ago. We went to a specialist who recommended chemo before debulking ( has anyone had this?) she had one round of chemo and she began to fill with fluid which we were told was normal. She went to get blood tests before her second round if chemo.  We ended up in the hospital because the fluid in her lungs was caused by a ruptured colon.  They did surgery to repair and now she is in ICCU.  I am so scared and it's so hard to see my mom like this.  She was so active and this cancer just tore the life out of her.  She is a fighter but I just want to reach out to see if others have had this happen.  Thank you!

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I am very sorry about your mom's diagnosis and complications that followed. The majority of women on this board were diagnosed with advanced stage (3C and 4) ovarian cancer. Unfortunately this cancer has no screening and vague symptoms and is commonly diagnosed when it has spread. I was dx stage 3C at age 44. Neoadjuvant chemo is done when cancer has metastasized to the extent when surgery is not safe till the tumors are shrunk by chemo. I had 4 rounds of chemo, then surgery, then 3 more rounds of chemo. Your mom filling up with fluid (ascites) is another unpleasant but common ovarian cancer symptom. Bloating will reduce as she proceeds with chemo. If it bothers her greatly, the doctors can tap and drain ascites. I had it tapped twice (1.6 liter and 3 liters). I have not experienced ruptured colon or fluid in lungs, so I can't comment, maybe others will chime in; but it's good that they repaired it and in ICU she will receive the care she needs.

I wish you and your mom the best. If she is a fighter, she will overcome this obstactle. You need to stay strong to support her.



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I am so sorry that your mom has joined our "club" but we welcome you to this board.  I myself have not experienced a ruptured colon or fluid in the lungs but it sounds like she is in good hands in ICU.  Sending you and your mom lots of good thoughts and prayers for the best possible outcome!


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Hi Bonniekaye

Sorry to hear about your Mum.  I too had fluid around one lung when first diagnosed almost two years ago (in fact that is how the cancer was found).  Initially I had the fluid drained but it quickly came back so I had a surgery called pleurodesis where the lung was attached to the outer wall with a special type of talcum powder and, fingers crossed, the fluid has not returned.

Sending you strength and good wishes.


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I to am sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis - it is really horrible and scary to watch your mum go through this especially as you have no control and she was so active beforehand.  My mum was dx with ovca in 1997 (not sure what the stage was at dx) and unfortuantley passed in 2001 she was 57.  Since her dx however there have been lots of improvements on understanding this disease and newer treatments (although not nearly enough) and your mum is in good hands.  Just being there for her is all you can do.....   I was dx with stage 2c ovca in June 2010 and have been NED from an ovca perspective since then :)

this board is a great place to meet others in the same boat as you & your mum.  it's a good place to get advice and vent your anger or fears.

Cyber hugs to you and your mum.


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