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How is everyone doing

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Have not been to this board for awhile just checking to see how everyone is doing

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still in chemo but numbers are down to 21. Had six weeks radiation this summer..targeted beam to pelvis tumor only..no side effects. Hanging in there. Hope you are well...Val

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Yearly appt with surgeon coming up in November and three-month appt with onc in December.   I also have to see the cardiologist in December.   I went into atrial fib after first chemo and am on meds.  I hope I can get off those since I haven't had any more problems.  I also  went into atrial fib on March 16, 2010, the day of my initial diagnosis but those are the only times.  My heart went back to normal rhythm.   I won't have a CA 125 until December.   I asked onc if I could have them every six months and she said how about 3 or 4.  I chose four.  I am having a more difficult time mentally and emotionally this time around.  Stupid cancer has put a head trip on me.  I am trying to shake it off.

My best to all of you wonderful ladies. 



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Hi all,

I haven't signed on since early in my chemo. Seems like treatment was a full time job! I had optimal tumor debulking surgery (Oct 26, 2012), then IP and IV chemo completed in early May, then 5 weeks of pelvic radiation. My final scan in August looks good except for one area to "watch" but doctors think I'm fine at this point (too early for problems). I have some neuropathy in my feet that persists, some abdominal pain and burbles. Some new indigestion and a weird taste in my mouth. BUT I've got good energy, walking a couple of miles a day is no problem. I work in my studio. And I try to control WORRY! That's the tough one. I remind myself that life is uncertain for everyone, no matter their circumstances. I had the best possible care and still consider myself a "healthy" person. Eating right...still. 

So I felt it was time to connect with some of you who have been there. Over the months, I've thought about all the other women going through all this, sending healing thoughts and prayers (relapsed Catholic, ya know...). I figured if others could get through treatment and survive, so could I. I met so many inspirational people along the way, including a radiation tech that was undergoing her second treatment for metastatic breast cancer and remained working. She told me "this is very rewarding work."

Love to you all,


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My onco says that my tests "couldn't be more normal".  My last chemo was 10 months ago.  I'm disappointed that my onco does not want to discuss my chemo side effects.  He is pushing me to follow up with my GP which makes no sense to me whatsoever.  The cancer continues to cause financial hardship.  I am at a loss to understand why my onco is blowing me off.  Is it because he is no longer receiving the chemo treatment profit?  Puzzling.  Has anyone else had this experience?

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Hi, I am with Kaiser No. Cal. and the oncologist and surgeon stay involved, sending me to the GP ony for things like ordering a Shingles vaccine. Meanwhile, the whole system is so networked that my GP can see everything that's going on. She told me "I peek." I guess the trick is to have them all communicating and if you can finesse that when your health care system doesn't provide it, you are a genius. 

My tests look good at this point too, though I'm just getting to the 6 month mark. It is puzzling when the docs say "We think you are fine! It's too early for you to have a problem, BUT we have to wait and see if that area on the scan develops or goes away." There is so much that is a mystery with this disease, so much uncertainty and that's hard to get used to. I wonder how long chemo hangs on and don't see info online about that. e.g. Lately, tummy burbles and I have a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if it's the chemo still "acting out."  The work for me is to stay positive, keep doing all the right things, and wait.

All the best,


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I have been gratefully living with NED for the last two and half years, since my chemo ended in March 2011.  I wish the best for all of you ladies.



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