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Sister in law diagnosed...pathology results

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Hi ladies,

my sister in law(41) was diagnosed last week and received her pathology report yesterday. As all of you can imagine our heads are spinning with all of the information we received. I will list her results so hhopefully you can help me to understand all of it and thn I can help her understand a little better. She's exhausted fom a whole day of doctors yesterday that unfortunately left her with more questions then she had before. She was all set to have her  lumpectomy next week followed by 6 weeks of radiation. but now she's considering a mastectomy. I know only she can make that decision but any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. Here are the findings...

invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2

left breat carcinoma

ER: positive (100% strong)

PR: positive (90% variable)

HER2/neu: 1+ nnegative

KI-67: high (25%) this one I especially don't understand

p53: low(5%)

surgical microscopic description:

the moderately differentiated IDC evokes a desmoplastic response as it infiltrates mammary stroma as angular nests. The lesion measures up to 16 mm 

gross description:

formalin fixed breast cylinders are 2 to 17 mm and 2mm wide

MRI results:

maximum dimension of lesion is 1.9 cm

mixed type of kinetic enhancement pattern within the lesion

4mm circumscribed enhancing mass that lies 1cm anteromedial to the main mass. Does not really have suspicious type of kinetic enhancement pattern but difficult to completely exclude a satellite lesion. 

She had the brca test yesterday so wating on results. Shes adopted so we don't know family history.

thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!  I went online and read about each result but still unsure of exactly what each one means. 


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The best you can do for your sister in law, is be there, be there, and be there.  But also realize that even when she may seem to need to be alone, it will be inportant for her to know that you will do what ever you can to help her.  I am not that good at understanding tests results, yes, did enough investigating to understand my own, plus always had someone there with me, listening and taking notes.  I hope that she is being treated at a good cancer center, my medical team was/is so supportive, I am almost two years old from my surgery, chemo and radiation.  Naturally, only two years into taking oral med's, had to switch out from one, the side effects, wow.  Have her ask questions, questions and get more explinations.  And to you, as her support system, you will need to know when she wants to vent, cry, scream and acknowledge that she has cancer, and then there will be times, when we wants to pretend like it just isn't happening to her.  Blessings to your sister, and family.  The journey ahead will be twisted, but there is hope.  And perhaps she would like to join CSN herself.  I am sorry to say, that it took me two years to realized what a great resource it is, just to be able to openingly, and privately ask questions, vent and read how others have dealth with their disease is very helpful.

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When your sister in law meets with her Oncologist/Doctor to go over path report -- my suggestion - take a tape recorder, friend, and note pad.  Discuss all concerns, questions with Doctor --,

tape recorder will come in handy - to replay what was discussed,  questions answered, or subject/comments not addressed.

what does path mean

what is 'our' next step

will I have chemo?  radiation? 


clinical information, data or research available on chemo therapy - possible side efforts from chemo, and/or radiation

Vicki Sam



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