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Anyone in this forum stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1957-1987?

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Hello survivors.  Just wondering if any of the survivors in this group were based at or lived on the or near Camp Lejeune in NC?  In case you do not know the water there was contaminated with toxins like Benzine, PCA's and TCA's.  It was caused by a dry cleaner dumping solvents into the water and cleaning solvents used by the Marines to clean tanks and equipment that leached into the ground water. It was covered up for 30 years by the Navy/Marines and they way it was discovered was that Marines started getting male breast cancer which was quite rare and they started corresponding.  Anyway somewhere I read that PCA exposure can be a cause of SCC of the head and neck.  Please let me know if you were there during the above 30 year time frame.  We were there as my father was a Lt. Col and served in WWII and Korea.


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I was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point and MCALF Bogue (Bogue Field ~ Swansboro) during 1974 - 1975 and again in 1980 - 1982... 

But mine was HPV+ derived... Though I spent time at Lejeune I'm pretty sure most of my exposure was mainly to beer....


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Do Marines drink beer?  lol

Thought I would post this as several persons with H&N ca have no history of alcohol or tobacco use and are not HPV+.  So many Marines and their families were exposed to large amounts of thse toxins and the long term effects are still unknown.


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You have a point.  Just because a person is HPV+ does not mean that caused the disease.  Throughout our lives we have all been exposed to many things that may cause cancer.  I was HPV+ but I haven't a clue if that was the reason I got cancer.  I just had this discussion with my Med Onc.  Maybe at some point our immune system can no longer keep up with the chemicals in all of the food we eat, the names of which I cannot even pronounce.  My wife's best friend was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, no history, never smoked, hardly ever drinks.  This is the third friend I have that got that horrible disease. 

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I was there in 66 along with my brother. We were being rushed thru due to Vietnam. I will have to dig out my records to see if I made the 30 day requirement, I am sure it will be close to that number one way or the other. I received this information thru Military.com today and here is a link to some information as to the different health issues we can have.


My Best to You and Everyone Here

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My husband was there in 84 he has Nasophangyel Carcinoma.

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If you'd like to be part of our facebook page of Camp LeJeune Veterans who had Head/Neck Cancer, here is the page. 


I hope to hear from you.


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I just came across this tonight.

I am a Camp LeJeune Marine who was there from 77-81.  Had stage 4 Tonsil Cancer in 2006.  I am still alive, but life will never be the same.

I am also looking for others who are attempting to get the VA to recognize the cause of the cancer in those of us who did not smoke and drink throughout our adult life. 
For head/neck cancer, we are attempting to gather and help each other on a facebook page at: 


I hope to hear from you.  I can be emailed at pastorjrr@yahoo.com

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I was born there in 1952.  My father was a marine, but we moved up north soon after.

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