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YAY! scan results all good !

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I'm new here, I introduced myself below in "new here" I think... you people are amazing ! So I got my pet scan reults today and I AM ON CLOUD 57... ha. I am on third round of bendamustine rituxan. Its working, I have a 50 ish percent of shrinkage of all my tumors... yay... and she wants me to do three more rounds of the same and then rituxan every three months for 2 years !!!! yay, happy dance. I hope the same great news greets you all !

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Congratulations on the great PET scan!  It feels great, doesn't it?


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  I know the feeling. I had r-cvp and felt the tumors go from rock hard in my abdomin to soft rolli-polis after 1 chemo treatment.. Had a scan after 3rd round and I believe it was at least 50% shrinkage. Congrates!!! John 

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that is great news, Jace!  Congrats and keep kicking cancer butt!


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Congratulations on your shrinkage, Jason! Half way through your chemo and you don't have to do R-CHOP. You even get to keep your hair. This is really good news and I am so happy for you.




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YES...that is great news Jace! I'm so happy your chemo is working! The time will fly by and before you know it we will be celebrating you finishing your 2 years of Rituxan with complete remission!!! Take care...Sue

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Thanks ! And yes, it does feel great !

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