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five years

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I have my 6 month check up tomorrow.  It will actually be 6 years next February that I was diagnosed.  But this checkup marks 5 years from the end of surgery, chemo and radiation. I do come and peek every so often.  Thought I'd check in and wish all friends. both old and new, best wishes. xoxoxo Lynn

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You go girl :)))


Michelle x

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good to hear from you..


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Congrats!  Can't wait until I am at the 5 year, all clear mark!  I am coming up on one year next month.


Stay well!


New Flower
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It has been a tonight jjourney congratulations 

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Kudos to you, Lynn on the 5 years.  



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May you continue in good health.  Hugs, Linda

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Hugs, Kathi

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Some times one word really is enough!  Celebrate!


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A HUGE Celebration is in order --- Congratulations!  Wonderful news - thank you for posting and giving hope to all of us! 


Vicki Sam



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Congrats Lynn!  5 years is a big milestone.  I will be there with you this December.  Do you mind if I ask if you are staying on AI's longer than five years?   I was wondering what my oncologist might say to me about that next week.  I am so happy for you.  Congrats again.



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My oncologist is recommending that I continue Anastrozole for another five yearsUndecided.  His recommendation is based on research results with Tamoxifen.  There is a study with AI's going on now, but the results are not in.  Congratulations to you.

Thank you to all who responded.  I wish there was a like button.  I think of all of you and pray for no recurrences! xoxoxo Lynn


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Thank you Lynn.  I will let you know what my oncologist says next week.  I am kind of hoping she says to stay on Aromasin.  I hope she doesn't do the old "well, it's really your choice".  I hate that.  Well, congrats to you again.  Here's to a lifetime of no recurrences!!



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Christmas Girl
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My friend - it's been five years?!? Heartfelt congratulations for the important milestone! With very best wishes for many, many more similar milestones!

Sincerely hope your check-up was fine.

Love ya. xoxoxo

Kindest regards, Susan

Susi F
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Congrats and thank you for the news.   I am not through with my treatment and the docs have high hopes that everything will be fine.  But then I come here and more times than not I'm terrified after reading a few posts.  It's wonderful that you are healthy and you give me hope and confidence that I can be too! 



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Congrats on getting to 5 years from last surgery/treatment.  Another 5 years on Arimidex is not great news, but better than recurrance.  I'm right behind you in treartment/surgery.  I only have 4 years 50 and 1/2 weeks to reach the 5 year mark.

Continue going forward and growing stronger.

Hugs and prayers,

Sandy (another 1950 lady)


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Sandy, There is so much going on in the beginning: so much uncertainty, so much information, so many decisions.  Time really is a healer. May you continue going forward and growing stronger as well. xoxoxo Lynn

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Laughing Most of us have many years of wellness under our belts. Many of us worry about recurrence, but over time that worry eases.  Wishing you peace of mind. xoxoxo Lynn

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Good luck and you know I will be there holding your hand and handing out cafe au lait and beignets!  Sending big hugs and prayers!

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