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I saw my Onc Dr today. All clear on the scans, xray, and bloodwork from last week. Although, there was no CT with & w/o contrast of the Pelvis, and the CT of the abdoment was only with contrast, not w/o, which WAS ordered by the Dr but Cigna- the "back-end excriment-assholes" wouldn't approve for another few hundred dollars.

The Onc was not too concerned, but told me to get used to it b/c "Obamacare" is here and things are only going to get worse. So Americans, we do truly live in the greatest country in the world with the worst healthcare for the hardest working peoiple around. Aren't we blessed :)

I am grateful for the positive news today and although my mind is not fully at ease I do feel relieved and blessed. All around me is caving in but there was some really good news today, so I am blessed.

Thank you, Lord, God. Thank you!!

Michael --




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So happy for you Michael!!! God is good!


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It is true. When people get good news, it makes us smile. Believe me. So great to hear. Yep, I've got a big smile Mike.

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...God Bless you, too, my friend! God Bless us all! 

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Great news Mike! I hope things settle down for you a bit! Take it easy, breathe!

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Good job Michael! That is wonderful news, I am so pleased for you:)


Djinnie x

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A big Cyber high five to you Mike,my name is also MIKE

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Great news Michael, its unfortunate that it comes with so much frustration, hopefully things will improve over time.  Wishing you many, many years.

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....I really appreciate everyone's very warm and heartfelt thoughts, it means so much to be supported by everyone. Within these rooms people treat each other with respect & dignity, unlike a lot of what we all see outside in the 'real world'. I wish it was different but it seems to be getting worse, not better.

God Bless everyone here. May he protect and look after us all and continue to bless us with his love, kindness, and compassion.

I say the above words but the truth is I forget them all too often and focus on the negative and miss out on the beauty that is life, etc. When I was first diagnised back in June of 2012 I was very busy seeing Dr's and preparing for surgery and educating myself about my new condition. After my surgery in July '12 I felt very blessed that I made it through with reletive ease and was given such a great pathology report. I was convinced that I ws going to view the world in a much different way and treat everyday like a gift. Well, life didn't change much and the same problems and hassles continued and here I am a year later and I'm not feeling very blessed, I'm stressed out, and I feel screwed over by life. Shame on me!!  The way things were going for me the past few monhs I wasn't expecting to get a good CT report, etc, but God surprised me 'again' with his love and blessings in spite of my negativity and continued love and understanding and showed me all over again that there is hope and love, and friends who do care about me, so thank you Lord for your love and blessings and thank you for continuing to bring people into my lives that look after me and care for me. Please help me to always see the good in the world and know that I am loved and watched over as I try and move through this hard world finding my way and trying to be the best person I can be.

~Namaste, oh Lord!




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