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Pain relief

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I'm sure at some point on this forum during my latest tumor growing in my colon I wrote about the emense amount of pain I was having.  Here I am a week and a day post surgery and I can remember having the pain, but not about how bad it was.

I am happy to say the surgery took the pain away, only get an occasional "stitch" (like after running a mile as fast as you can feeling) in my side now.  I am still in disbelief that they didn't want to do the surgery and give me the relief from the pain, but am thankful that in the end they did.

I am back to eating whatever I want with no ill side affects (although I now have to go to the bathroom about an 1/2 hour or so after eating) I had been dreading far worse after reading things on the WWW, I should have just asked you guys about it first rather then worry about the "what will happen" things I read on the websites which were telling me I wouldn't be able to eat this or that, etc.  I grilled steak, steamed green beans and ate fresh tomatoes from out of my garden yesterday with no problems.

I must say I asked to have my weight taken the day before I left the hospital, they had me on a partial liquid diet, I was grumbling after being weighed.  I mean who goes to the hospital, loses body parts and discovers that once again they didn't lose a pound?  Only me I guess. After my liver surgery in May before I left the hospital I had discovered I gained two pounds, what the heck!?!?!

Just want to thank you all for the tremendous amount of caring and help you were to me during my most painful time in my journey with this cancer.  I appreciate you all!!

Winter Marie

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Winter Marie,

Thank goodness the pain is gone.  I am so happy to hear that.  I will keep you in my prayers.




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No pain....how absolutely wonderful...  You really put a big smile on my face this morning!  :)



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So great to hear that you are doing so well so soon after surgery.

Your situation only goes to show that some times we have to push hard for what we know we need.

Your entire journey has been one to defy the "norm"...maybe you should write a book too!

Hugs and wishes for continued improvement.

Marie who loves kitties

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That's great news Marie.

Let that be a lesson to everyone here that sometimes you have to bully your doctors around to get what you want. I have had to do that on several occassions.

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We are glad you are doing well!   Keep up the good sense of humor.


I am able to eat anything I want after three colon resections.  The only caveat is that I eat more oatmeal to help slow things down. (Maybe 3 mornings a week.)   Else, eating and life is normal after surgery.   One will feel like there are two cats fighting in your abdomen occasionally until everything finds the right place.  


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Best Always,  mike

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good for you!

And as for not losing weight while in the hospital, I can relate.  I think I'm the only person in the world who barfed her way to a ten pound weight gain while doing chemo.

Keep us posted on how you're feeling~AA

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...to hear that you are improving well. As you indicated, pain is a terrible master. Can push us into good or bad. In your case it motivated you to get what you wanted.

What did they exactly do this time?


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I always gain weight after surgery...well, not the buniuon surgery but all of my abdominal ones. They pump you full of lots of liquid, during the surgery and after through IV, so its not surprising that it shows up on the scales. 

Don't fret about the weight as it will no doubt pee itself out real soon.

I am so happy to hear that you are experiencing minimal pain. What a joy! 

Keep it up. 

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I am so so happy to hear of your pain relief....what good news.  Winter Marie of anyone on this forum you are among the least likely to whine and complain or wimp out......so when you started talking about your pain levels I knew it had to be bad.....like really!!! bad. 

Isn't it a weird thing that even in the face of the worst stage IV cancer we just pack those pounds right on.......me too....oh dear and at night I think....vain vanity.....why would you even think about those extra pounds but it makes me uncomfortable in my own skin.....go figure????/

anyway.....pain is so debilitating and I am happy that you are getting some relief.....


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It's about time they fixed you up so you wouldn't have to be dealing with all that pain.  I'm not wishing that on anyone, but don't you sometimes wish your doctor could feel the pain you go through just to know what the heck you are trying to tell him.  Glad that food is agreeing with you too.  Hope you have a speedy recovery and thanks for keeping us posted.


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So glad to hear that news!!!  You desere to be as comfortable as possible!  Being your own advocate and a strong willed person does pay off!  You knew what your body needed!! You go girl!

Do you have access to a nutritionalist at your hospital?  I found that they are really helpful with the do's and don't of diet. 

As for weight gain .. yea .. in that boat with ya! My doctors are all happy to see weight going on rather than off ... but as for myself .. I have never weighed as much as I do since my surgeries and chemo! (and that is more than a 10 lb gain) But, with that being said .. as a stage IV'r I suppose my pre treatment weight was most likely not heathy due to the cancer. 

So glad to hear you are feeling better!!

Keep strong!

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Glad to to hear that you are relived from the pain. Good luck.




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