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Mango Snapper ~ Dinner for Two

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Ahhh, the joys of Upper Tampa Bay...

Fresh Mango Snapper, a generous portion of Cheese Grits, and a few cold beers;



Get'em while you can...

Dodged several rain cells Sunday morning, but mostly just a light drizzle off and on... Definitely worth it for a Mango Dinner...


All of you suffering one way or another..., hang tough, kick butt and get back to doing (and eating) the things you love...

Best Always,


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and immediately got up and perused the refrigerator it made me so darn hungry.  Only thing I could find was a leftover pork steak (I skipped that pleasure)....and went back to my chair since there's nothing even close to mango snapper in my house.   Now I'm hungry again!!!!

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A healthy portion for two! 

Always a delight to see the results of your fishing adventure.  It looks perfect.

Reason 44 for going to Tampa, eat fish.


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Well, maybe with a little for lunch tomorrow..., LOL.

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That looks incredible!  Enjoy every single bite :)

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that looks so good, i bet the 5 star restaurants couldn't do better!  wish i were there to have some!


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If I hadn't seen the pic, I still could visualize it just by your descriptive words...LOL.

Glad you got to enjoy them!


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