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Ileorectal Anastamosis

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I am 50 years old and last month I went to the doctor because of cramps, vomiting and bleading.  During the colonoscapy they found a large tumor and ulcerative colitis.  It was decided I needed a total colectomy and, if all went well during the operation, I would have an ileorectal anastamosis.  The surgery went very well.  The operation was all done laparoscopically.  I had read on the internet many horror stories about how painful this surgery was.  For me, it was not that bad.  I was pretty sore the first three days of recovery, but I was up walking around on day one.  I was eating soft solids on day 3 and now, two weeks later, I am back to work eating what ever I want.  I just wanted to let those facing this operation know that it may not be as bad as the internet stories may say.

The pathology from the operation showed 6 lymph node with cancer, but no other signs of spreading so I am stage IIIc.  I start on FolFox6 in a couple of weeks.  I appreciate everything people have written that gives me a little insite into what being on Chemo for 6 months may be like.  Wish me luck.


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Welcome to the boards.  So glad that you are able to join us, but sorry you had to.  First off, don't read anything on the internet as most of it is outdated and things have changed so much during the last 10 years.  Glad that the surgery went well for you and it sounds like you are on the road to a speedy recovery.  If you have any questions about your upcoming treatment, and if you ever just don't feel right, let your doctor know.  You will get fatigue, constipation/diaharrea, and if you are getting oxy, a sensitivity to cold, upset tummy, but there are people that can work through it so everyone is different.  Hope you do well and come here and let us know how you are feeling.


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We're the club no one wants to join, but now that you're here, I hope we can help with support and information.  We have a lot of "veterens" here, and you are likely to find someone to answer whatever questions might come up during treatment.

If I can make one suggestion right off the bat...you might want to change the title of your post.  I think you'll get a lot more response if people know that you are new to the board, just starting treatment.  I think the "ileorectal" title may be confusing.  I almost didn't look at this because I had no idea what that was...figured it was something technical that I wouldn't be able to help with.

Anyway, keep us updated on how you're doing.  This is a hard road to walk, but we're all right there with you.

Ann Alexandria

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I am sorry that you have to be here. With that said welcome and you have found the right place for support, information, and advice. And it is also a good place to vent went you need to and believe me we all need to vent from time to time.

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