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diets and Jack

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Hey everyone,

I have so many concerns for people on so many levels with this one.  I have been reading more and more about using alkaline diets and their proported wonders.  When asked how they are gauging their PH levels they respond with (the over the counter urine sticks).  Oh my !  I kind of thought this one went out with the dark ages.  I as you know have a diabetic husband, and we did use those sticks to no avail.  Yes you can for a short duration change your chemistry coming through the kidneys....but to what purpose ?  It is not changing how your body functions, including blood levels.  It's all relevant in the big scheme of things.  Please, please ask your primarys and or specialists about any and all dietary changes.  We have to look at the whole scenario.  O.K. jumping off the soap box.  Maybe LTS can pop in with more info ?  Hugs sent !  Katie     

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Hi Katie,

There have been many posts concerning diet. Some of the "alternative" treatments utilize this aspect. On the whole, it makes sense to eat properly. Avoiding certain foods and eating healthy is beneficial and common sense despite Jack. Whether or not it can prevent or slow the growth of cancer is another story and one that is debated constantly.

My team said basically what I just said. Eat as healthy as you can, enjoy things in moderation. The way I see it, I'm not going to live in fear of what I'm putting in my mouth. I eat healthy but I enjoy treats as well in moderation. A bowl of ice cream, smoked baby backs etc., recently, a cold beer (or three) during a football game :)... 

I do believe that all the things man has done concerning food, preservatives, food coloring etc., have been detrimental. Fast food, high levels of sodium and such have proven to be lethal to some. Despite that, I still subscribe to the wise words of King Solomon....

"Eat, drink, enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live. Love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless, like chasing the wind." 


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and then I get convinced that EVERYTHING is slowly killing us.  My grandma lived to be 80...she ate what came out of her garden and meat from the local butcher.  She cooked everything fresh and hardly bought a thing from the grocery store.  No one ate as "healthy" as she did and she was one of the farm girls who never quite got used to preservatives and additives (unless it was something she canned from the garden).  She died of cancer.  By the time the doctor found out she had it, it was all through her body and she lived less than 2 months from diagnosis.  I definitely try to eat better than I did before cancer, my taste buds hating most sweets has certainly helped that, but I'm not going to be a food nazi about it.  A friend at church died of stage IV lung cancer and had never smoked a day in his life, a friend is battling a form of liver cancer known to hit those who are heavy drinkers and he has had maybe 2 beers in his entire life, so I have to just live my life the best I can and have faith like never before.  God brought me through this and has changed me....I'm going to keep following what HE wants me to do and enjoy my days :)

Ron Silver
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Carrots fight cancer.  Carrots cause cancer.  Jeez.  You can find a study to refute any other study.  Example:

One, conducted in Finland by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Public Health Institute of Finland, found 18 percent more lung cancers and eight percent more overall deaths among 29,133 male smokers given a supplement containing 20 mg of beta carotene and 50 mg of vitamin E. A second study, also funded by NCI testing the effects of beta carotene supplements found 28 percent more lung cancers and 17-percent more deaths among participants taking supplements of beta-carotene and vitamin E.


  • Use of lutein supplements was linked with a twofold increase in overall risk of lung cancer.
  • Use of beta-carotene supplements for at least four of the previous 10 years was linked with a more than threefold increase in risk of small cell lung cancer.
  • Use of retinol supplements for at least four of the previous 10 years was linked with a 1.8-fold increase in risk of non–small cell lung cancer.


Smokers/former smokers should avoid eating carrots???

Thought not completely understood, smokers who ingest large amounts of beta carotene are more likely to develop lung cancer. For non-smokers, their risk of developing lung cancer does not increase with increased intake of beta carotene.


Do NOT take multivitamin supplements

Beta-carotene, a nutrient found in many multivitamin supplements and the foremost nutrient in multivitamins taken to boost vision is found to increase a smoker's chances of developing lung cancer, a new study has found.








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jim and i
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The studies on healthy diet and life style are based on averages. There will always be those who beat or lose to the odds. My own mother in law beat the odds and lived to 97 despite never exercising and living on Kentucky Fried chicken and ice cream. However, more than half her life was lived before preservatives and polution. Nothing wrong with doing all you can even if you are one of the minority. Jim stays alkaline and he is on Jevity. Wonder why the prescription formula for cancer patients keeps you alkaline? He also drinks BarleyMax. He is one who has beaten the odds and lived past his death date with no signs of his termial cancer. Oncologist can't figure it out but said keep on doing what you are doing. Oh, one other thing in the formula, prayer from lots of people. Staying alkaline doesn't hurt so why not try it. 

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You know what's working !  And you are informed and knowledgable !  I believe in healthy living and eating too, always have.  But many just beginning are unsure and maybe being lead down a primrose lane.  I'm not saying don't try what you will.....who in the great scheme of things  am I, just saying please be careful....and understand the why's and how comes.  I do check my labs and get copies just to be in the know, and if I need to change up things I do.  And as far as JIM....wow....this is fantastic....and the power of prayer....YES I BELIEVE TOO !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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