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I think we found one....

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Since June of 2012 I have been on 7 different chemo's, had radiation, 3 surgeries and discovered that my cancer went from TN to HER2 positive.  They say I am still Stage 2 but the breast cancer mets to my skin, a new LN and part of a rib. It seems that they were thinking that the cancer was chemo resistant.  However, with many prayers, loving thoughts, support and encouragement I am proud to say(even hesitantly) that this new chemo (Kadcyla) seems to be working and working well. The regression of lesions on my skin has been amazing. I had more than 2 dozen under my skin on my right side and they are ALL GONE.  They epidermal lesions under my left breast are gone too. They keep telling me that regression on the outside means regression or shrinkage of the LN on the inside. We are so happy but cautiously so we've been so disappointed by the lack of response from previous therapies we are not quite sure how to be hopeful about this. We are just so grateful for all the people that have stuck with us throught this ordeal.  Thank u to any and all sisters who have prayed and supported us. Just wanted to share some good news it doesn't happen enough.  Lord, I am grateful for another day!!!

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Thanks for posting an update...



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May each tomorrow find you one day closer to being a cancer survivor, instead of patient.


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Thanks for posting, it's very encouraging. I'm very happy for you!

Good luck, Carmen

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WOW congrats!

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Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  My Mother often told me that "Miracles happen everyday" I think I am finally starting to see the light of your wisdom Mommy.(How I wish you were here on earth to whisper it in my ear, miss u so). Will keep you all updated and as always blessings to all sisters and brothers. I go now to put my head on my pillow and give thanks for another beautiful day of being alive.  Cathy K.

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CCatchy glad to see you back and celebrate your good news 

we should never give up congrats 

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