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Colorectal secondary sacrum tumor

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Hi There,


I have been gathering some good information on these boards and can see that there is a good community here, thanks for having me!Laughing


My back story- as brief as can be - is that my father had a stage 3/4 low down colorectal mucinous tumour 4.5 years ago. He had his max amount of radiation therapy before have a resection. He then had a spread to lung but had a lung lobe removed. He then got a primary cancer in his thyroid and had to have this removed, he later had the whole thing removed. So we are now 4.5 years on and 10 operations later. We have recently been told that he has another tumor this time on his Sacrum, it is large and covers S2 so is considered by his current consultant to be inoperable. We are getting a second opinion from another UK hospital; Christies.


In the meantime he has just had to have surgery to remove an obstruction as part of his bowel looped down and adhered to the tumour causing an obstruction. They have had to create a second stoma and cap off the old one. He is now having trouble passing urine and has gone today to have a catheter fitted.

We see our chemo consultant on Wednesday and have heard a lot about cyber knife, I wanted to know if anyone else has experience of this? Especially any comment when you have already had your lifetime dose of radiation?

How about chemo regimes and pain relief? He had Oxyplatin and this made him horrible ill, he will never have this again.

We are looking for any way to improve his quality of life as its not great right now, we want, like we all want to keep our loved ones for ever! All we all have is time but has anyone got any advice for me or can people tell me their stories who have had this same series of cancers. I would like to know what chemo works best.

I did see some people here 5-6 or even 8 years on and still fighting the evil cancer...

May thanks in advance (sorry for going on a bit!)


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I'm too new to give advise on your situations. A member here joemetz haz bone mets unfortunately and he is getting chemo. Maybe you should reach out to him. He is very strong and exceptionally nice.

Good luck to you.


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I will look up Joemetz, sometimes you just feel at your wits end with worry, so thanks for letting me know and good luck to you.

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Wow, you're Dad must be one tough cookie.  He's sure been through a lot.  Some folks here have experience with the cyber knife.  Mainly I wanted to bump up your post so that others will see it.  Best of luck to you and your Dad.



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