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Sativex? anyone............?

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Hi all again, You know me, I don't just listen to the 'powers that be', but have also been researching ANYTHING that may nelp my pretty desperate situation.  I am looking at sativex, apparently it is a major good pain-killer that is mainly used for M>S>  ... BUT;  it also releases an enzyme that attacks and KILLS breast cancer cells.  The only problem with this completely natural and non-toxic druc is that it is (horror of horrors) derived from a plant called cannabis.  Therefore it is an automatic red flag to a lot of people.  I have never been into any of this stuff but I am VERY interested in the curative properties that this so called 'evil weed' may provide.  Any views anyone.  I have looked into this extensively, but, as always, would be happy with your opinions.  Thanks all Tash xxxxxx

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Not legal in this country and I doubt it would be available under compassionate useage from the FDA.  Sounds like an interesting medicine with curative properties.



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