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Army Med Board after beating Melenoma cancer

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma a couple years ago.   He had a few surgeries and did the year treatment of Interferon.  He had a PET scan and came back all clean.  After this 2 year ordeal his PCM has given him a permanent non deployable profile and has refered him for a MED BOARD.  We are floored.  My husband is an E-8 and has 16.5 years in.  He can do his job completely but is not able to deploy his PCM said due to the amount up follow up care he will require.  Any input on whether they would really put him out....and if so the chances of medically retiring as opposed tobeinf discharged?  We know his disabilty rating has to be at least 30% to retire.


Thank you! 

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