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Bad night, bad day!

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As you all know I'm waiting for my full resection surgery in about two week. Everything was going well, I stopped Xeloda last Monday. I was fasting like 16 hours for a liver ultrasound which really weakend me. I was eating good after that, but suddenly my stool turned very pail then became a watery diarrhea all night long and today. I feel very weak, could get out of bed and got fever of 101. I have no other symptoms. 

Im seeing my onkologist tomorrow morning.

Any experience like this or any idea what's going on?


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No idea but hope its "just" a stomach flu. Hope you are better soon.

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You may have a bad bacteria that over whelmed your good bacteria in your system.  Try eating Oatmeal, fresh veggies, and very low sugar for the next couple of days.  This helped me a lot!   Else, this could go on for months.


I was told that I probably have C.Diff. when that started for me.  I did the antibiotics, had the fevers, etc...  Then a Doctor told me to try to slow down my colon with Oatmeal.  The fresh veggies should bring my colon flora back to normal. The lack of sugar to feed the bad flora in my colon.  My system got back to normal in 36 hours.  I kept up the diet for 1 week. My stool got back to normal, etc...  


I had this issue off and on for 18 months prior. 3 visits to the hospital for fever and low energy.  All that time and expense, and Oatmeal and lack of sugar could have rebooted my system!  We now eat a lot of fresh vegggies. Use Mollases, honey, and a little maple sugar for flavors and sweetness.  Else, no more processed foods. Very low meat consumption. I feel great, and I am more active.  My wife also increased her activity.  She is walking the dogs 4-5 miles every day.  She just completed an 8 mile plus hike that a year ago, she could not complete.  So, our diet change did not hurt us at all.


Best Always,  mike

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Fasting can be hard on the body in itself.  During Lent it takes me several days to get back to normal after fasting (and it's not all day fasting), but I've never had light colored stool but definitely watery.  Sometimes the body just doesn't like anything different done to it but I'm hoping that you feel better soon.  Just ask your doctor about it tomorrow.


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...what's going on. I ran some errands this morning, saw my oncologist. Everything looks ok. But I can barely walk and just want to lay down. I finished Folfox a week ago and I feel like crap. It's true that I work 3-4 a week and get some household stuff done, but the last couple of days I can't seem to get out of bed.

Is this reasonable tiredness?


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It was for my Rick.  Folfox hits people differently, like everything with cancer.  After his first Folfox treatment he realized very quickly that there was absolutley no way that he could make the long walk into our office building from the parking lot, work for an eight hour day, then make the long walk back.  I seem to remember that he lasted four days with a decreasing work time duration, then decided that it would be best to work from home at that point, which he was fortunately able to do for almost three years.  You may have seen some of my other posts that stated that during his 48 hr. pump session he could barely get from the living room to the bathroom and back - it simply exhausted him.  He would collapse in the chair and didn't get up until it was time for bed. He would be pretty much stuck in his comfy chair 12 days out of fourteen for 16hrs per day.  On the second weekend, he would have a nice weekned with his kids, then back to chemo, and the cycle continued like this for three years.  Yeah, he was miserable.  And our "friends" couldn't understand why we were unable to go out to dinner with them 48 hours after his was disconnected...after all, it's "just" chemo, why can't you guys join us for dinner??  Let's just say I'm no longer friends with these people (10 of them).  It's during treatment when you find out who your friends really are.  It surprised the heck out of me!!  In any case, all I can do is to tell you our experience, I hope that this isn't the case with you long term. 

Best wishes, take care,


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I had fatigue really bad while on the FOLFOX.

I'd sit here and read how others were breezing through their chemo and wondering if I, flopped wasted on the couch, was being a bit of a wuss. No, the fatugue was real, and you just have to give in to it.

Good luck. 

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After a couple of rough days finally I feel better. Yesterday I had a mild fever but went away. I'm working again and making the arrangements for the surgery.

Thank you all for you support.


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Glad to hear you are feeling better and it seemed to be a passing thing.  Although, I as many others here, was hit rather hard with FOLFOX treatments. It was very clear to me I was not able to work at all after my second treatment.  I also could not shake the fatigue. 

I hope you continue to feel well!

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