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Scan tomorrow...

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and you would think that with no problems encountered with the last three doctor's visits that I'd be a bit less anxious about the results.  My last scan was in March and I was supremely confident that it would be clear, quite shocked to hear bad news from the RO and the subsequent referral to a specialist and a 2nd selective neck dissection.

Tomorrow's scan should be good, and I keep trying to convince myself that it will turn out fine, but saying it to yourself is one thing and trying to live it is another.  Sleepless night coming for sure.....



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Sending good mojo your way! Prayers for a clean scan

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peter, praying that u meet mr. NED!!


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I would be shocked if you did not suffer from a little scanxiety.

I ran around the house and scrounged up all the good mojo I could find.

Sleep well my friend,


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not to fret and worry.....and stay up all night....not, however, because I believe for one minute that you won't get good news....but because you're doing precisely what I do before a scan.....worry....fret.....and have an all nighter with that creepy little committee that meets in my mind when the lights go out.

Sending you good mojo....and tucking you into my pocket....I'm sure this scan is going to get you hooked up with Mr. Neddie....I just know it!!!


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One of the problems we all suffer at various stages....

Just know that no amount of worry will change anything... and yes, I know that it's much easier to say it than live it at times...

Just know that from what I've learned over the years on this board..., your chances of success are very high.



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you all the best with your scan today!  Prayers that it will be ALL good!  Keep us posted!

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Prayers and positive MOJO for a good scan.

I expect your next post to state a CLEAN SCAN!!!




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Scan went just fine, I even managed to hold down the fidgiting before the test.  Now the interminable wait for results.  I've never understood how the chancre mechanics think nothing of letting so much time go by before they let you know the findings. 

Patience Peter, all good things come to he who waits....

and waits,

and waits.......

thanks for the good wishes and mojo,

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Your attitude makes me smile !  Can't wait to hear the good news !  Katie

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jim and i
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Praying for NED


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I finally heard from my ENT after an interminable wait.

Monday's scan was NEGATIVE!


I got home and my wife had a surprise for me, dinner out and she got tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party when we visit Disney World in two weeks!

Now the challenge is to find a costume (she insists that we dress up).  Living in the chilly northeast, costumes here are warmer or designed to fit over a winter coat.  I need a costume that is more suited to the 70's and 80's of central Florida!

It was an indescribable feeling when I heard the news, a weight that I didn't realize I was carrying fell from my shoulders, I've been walking around today and it doesn't feel like my feet even hit the floor!

I hope all of my CSN family could feel like this!


Peter Laughing


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I truly know the feeling you described.....hearing you are part of the NED club, is exactly like having a 100 lb weight lifted....the first time I literally dropped to my knees. 

You have a wonderful time in Florida....hey maybe you just float down and save money on plane tickets??? Laughing 


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WTG, PETER!!  glad that weight is no longer on ur shoulders.  now u can really enjoy florida.  hey, maybe u cam meet up w/john for a fish dinner...lol.  congrats!


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Congrats Peter! Very welcome news indeed!

Continued healing, positive thoughts and prayers.



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Great News..........Congats........and celebrating in Florida with Mickey at a Halloween Party is icing on the cake.


There is a place here where I live that has decided (or attempting too) to allow people to go through the haunted house or maze naked. Gives "scare the pants of me" a new meaning.

Enjoy the good news...............and Disney!!!


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That is wonderful news ! I am so happy for you ! Have a great time at Disney World and Celebrate ! BTW I am jealouse !! Lol

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